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Carbon Capture Journal is the world's leading publication for the carbon capture and storage industry - founded in 2007, we cover international developments with projects, policy, technology and finance around the world. We have a bi-monthly print and pdf magazine and a free weekly e-mail newsletter. The magazine, print and pdf versions and newsletter have over 6,000 subscribers.  

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Keith Forward, editor of Carbon Capture Journal, has a bachelors degree in physics from Imperial College of London. He has studied image processing at University College of London and has also served as staff writer for Digital Ship, Cargo Systems magazine, LNG One World and Hazardous Cargo Bulletin.

Karl Jeffery, publisher of Carbon Capture Journal, is also editor of Digital Energy Journal, one of the world's leading magazines and websites about information technology and communications in the oil and gas industry. He is conference producer and founding editor of Digital Ship , a magazine about digital technology in the deep sea industry.He has a BEng in chemical engineering from Nottingham University.

Issue 54 - Nov - Dec 2016

CCS in Japan: Toshiba’s Mikawa CO2 capture demonstration and commercial CCS plant at a waste incinerator .. I2CNER - efforts to achieve effective, safe CO2 storage Report from the Global CCS Institute conference in Oslo .. Skytree – commercialising .....

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