CMC Research Institutes partner with NRG Cosia XPrize

(Dec 05 2016) The partnership will support teams competing in the $20M global competition to develop technologies that convert carbon dioxide emissions into high-value products.

14 state work group recommendations on carbon capture

(Dec 05 2016) The U.S. states group outlies the growing opportunities for capturing carbon dioxide for use in enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) with geologic storage.

DOE awards $44 million for CO2 storage projects

(Dec 01 2016) 16 carbon storage projects have been selected to receive more than $44 million for cost-shared research and development.

WVU engineering researchers win award for carbon capture technology

(Nov 28 2016) Creating a toolset that will aid in the development of carbon capture has won researchers from West Virginia University an R&D 100 Award, known as the “Oscars of Innovation.”

Carbon dioxide injected into basalt converts to rock

(Nov 22 2016) Lab studies on basalt have shown that the rock, which formed from lava millions of years ago and is found throughout the world, can rapidly convert CO2 into stable carbonate minerals.

$1.3 Million awarded to evaluate CCS in MIssissippi river area

(Nov 21 2016) The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded a $1.3 million research grant to study the feasibility of a CCS plant in Louisiana’s industrial corridor between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

UNIST researchers turn CO2 into diesel fuel

(Nov 21 2016) A new study, led by Professor Jae Sung Lee of Energy and Chemical Engineering at UNIST uncovers new ways to make biofuel from carbon dioxide.

Results released from Australian CO2 monitoring project

(Nov 17 2016) Geocience Australia and CO2CRC have released new data from three sub-surface release experiments undertaken at the Ginninderra Controlled Release Facility in Canberra, Australia.

UKERC calls for a new approach to CCS commercialisation

(Nov 17 2016) The UK Energy Research Centre has called for urgent action during this Parliament to ensure a coordinated, cross-government approach to energy.

Wyoming ITC looking for research teams

(Nov 17 2016) The Wyoming Integrated Test Center (ITC) at Basin Electric Power Cooperatives’ Dry Fork Station is looking for researchers to use its facilities.

DNV GL and EPCRC awarded NOK 40m for pipeline study

(Nov 17 2016) The Norwegian CLIMIT Programme and Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science have awarded DNV GL and Energy Pipelines CRC (EPCRC) just over NOK 40 million for a test programme for CO2 pipelines.

Global Status 2016: Accelerated CCS development needed

(Nov 16 2016) The pace of carbon capture and storage development must be accelerated if Paris climate change targets are to be met, says the Global CCS Institute.

Speeding up Carbon Capture and Storage needed to meet climate goals

(Nov 15 2016) A new IEA publication highlights the critical role that CCS technologies can play in meeting the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

EU funds CCS development in China

(Nov 15 2016) The European Commission has approved eight new projects totalling more than €32 million under the Partnership Instrument (PI) to boost cooperation with partner countries in priority areas.

MIT develop catalyst to turn CO2 to gasoline

(Nov 15 2016) A new catalyst developed at MIT provides design principles for producing fuels from carbon dioxide emissions.

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Issue 54 - Nov - Dec 2016

CCS in Japan: Toshiba’s Mikawa CO2 capture demonstration and commercial CCS plant at a waste incinerator .. I2CNER - efforts to achieve effective, safe CO2 storage Report from the Global CCS Institute conference in Oslo .. Skytree – commercialising .....

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