Drax BECCS pilot project underway

(Feb 08 2019) The first BECCS pilot project of its kind in the world at Drax Power Station in the UK has started capturing carbon dioxide.

Swansea plans large scale carbon sequestration field trials planned

(Feb 04 2019) Swansea University's Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) reveals plans for testing new technology to capture CO2 in full scale field trials.

CO2 capture technology scrubs CO2 from power plants like scuba-diving gear

(Feb 04 2019) Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a process that removes CO2 from coal-burning power plant emissions in a way that is similar to how soda lime works in scuba diving rebreathers.

C-Capture raises £3.5m in funding round led by BP, Drax and IP Group

(Feb 04 2019) C-Capture is currently conducting a demonstration project at Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire, which will remove carbon dioxide from emissions produced by generating electricity from sustainable biomass.

National Carbon Capture Center marks 10 years of technology development

(Feb 04 2019) The National Carbon Capture Center, a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)-sponsored research user facility managed and operated by Southern Company, has announced a significant milestone: 10 years of technology development.

Fault lines are no barrier to safe CO2 storage

(Jan 27 2019) Carbon dioxide emissions can be captured and securely stored in underground rocks, even if geological faults are present, research has confirmed.

EU invests €9.3 million in developing CO2 transport infrastructure

(Jan 27 2019) EU Member States voted on a Commission proposal to invest almost €800 million in key European energy infrastructure projects with major cross-border benefits.

New powder could help cut CO2 emissions

(Jan 27 2019) Scientists at the University of Waterloo have created a powder that could capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from factories and power plants.

ACT Acorn study: UK can support European decarbonisation

(Jan 23 2019) Results from an international joint research project show how the UK can support decarbonisation of some of Europe’s carbon-intensive regions from the early 2020s through the phased roll-out of a low-cost, low-risk North Sea CO2 ...

GTI and Carbon Clean Solutions awarded $2.9M DOE funding

(Jan 20 2019) The DOE Office of Fossil Energy has awarded $2.9 million to GTI and CCS-US, the U.S. subsidiary of CCSL, to develop and test a potentially transformational carbon capture technology.

Membranes to capture CO2 at coal-fired power plants

(Jan 20 2019) A computational modelling method may help to fast-track the identification and design of new carbon capture and storage materials.

“Flipped” Metal Oxide Cage can sort CO2 from CO

(Jan 20 2019) A Japanese research team led by Kanazawa University studied using a bowl of Vanadium to separate carbon dioxide from carbon monoxide.

California CCS Protocol takes effect under low carbon fuel standard

(Jan 20 2019) The Global CCS Institute has welcomed California’s Air Resources Board’s (ARB) decision to include a protocol for carbon capture and storage (CCS) in its Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), a rule which became effective on January 1, 2019.

A Happy New Year for CCUS?

(Jan 14 2019) With the turn of the year comes a time for reflection. For CCUS, 2018 might well be remembered as a real pivot point in the journey towards creating a truly commercial industry in the UK. Many of those who have been involved in t...

Equinor awarded permit for CO2 storage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

(Jan 11 2019) The allocated area for storage of CO2 is located near the Troll oil and gas field and was announced in July 2018.

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Issue 67 - Jan - Feb 2019

CCUS in the UK: IEA and UK summit kick-starts a ‘new global era’ for CCUS .. UK plans first integrated CCUS project by mid 2020s and a carbon net-zero heavy industry hub by 2040 CATO event - significant progress for Dutch carbon capture .. Cost of .....

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