MIT and Eni renew collaboration on low-carbon research

(Oct 20 2019) MIT and Eni have renewed their low-carbon energy research collaboration by extending Eni’s tenure as a Founding Member of the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) through 2023.

London Protocol to allow transboundary CO2 export

(Oct 15 2019) Transboundary export of carbon dioxide for the purpose of carbon capture and storage can now be provisionally allowed under certain circumstances, Parties to the London Protocol have agreed.

CEDIGAZ report hails a new era for CCUS

(Oct 15 2019) According to a new report by CEDIGAZ, CCUS is coming back into the limelight, especially in the US and in Europe, in the wake of the Paris agreement, boosted by a growing interest in hydrogen, rising carbon prices, new supporting...

Velocys’ Bayou Fuels project to produce negative emission fuels

(Oct 14 2019) The company has signed an agreement with Oxy Low Carbon Ventures to capture CO2 from Velocys’ planned Bayou Fuels biomass-to-fuels project in Natchez, Mississippi, and securely store it underground in a geologic formation.

New material captures carbon dioxide and converts it into useful chemicals

(Oct 14 2019) A new material that can selectively capture carbon dioxide molecules and efficiently convert them into useful organic materials has been developed by researchers at Kyoto University.

Japanese & Saskatchewan Companies Join Forces to Advance CCS

(Oct 14 2019) A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Japan CCS Co. and the International CCS Knowledge Centre to collaborate in the development, demonstration and deployment of CCS/CCUS.

Siemens CO2 to chemicals Rheticus research project enters phase 2

(Oct 10 2019) The project aims to produce high-value speciality chemicals from CO2 and water using electricity from renewable sources and bacteria.

Decarbonisation of Indian industry: Transitioning to a cleaner economy

(Oct 08 2019) A paper looks at the need for Indian industry to transition to resource efficient, sustainable and low-carbon production, especially in hard-to-abate sectors.

Edinburgh scientist receive funding for hydrogen storage study

(Oct 07 2019) Geoscientists from the University of Edinburgh have received funding from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) for a £1.4 million research project to investigate the storage of hydrogen in the subsurface.

Opinion: Carbon storage essential for climate action but is no ‘free pass’ for oil and gas industry

(Oct 07 2019) With a major oil and gas conference having taken place last month there have been a lot of announcements around the industry’s role in a zero-carbon future. By Rebecca Bell, SCCS Policy & Research Officer.

Sunfire partners with Total for CO2 to fuel technology

(Oct 02 2019) Sunfire will provide a megawatt-scale high temperature electrolyser for use in industrial environments as part of the E-CO2MET research and development project.

Sydney researchers copy leaves to convert CO2 to hydrocarbons

(Sep 30 2019) University of Sydney researchers are drawing inspiration from leaves to reduce carbon emissions, using nanotechnology to develop a method for 'carbon photosynthesis' that they hope will one day be adopted on an industrial-scale.

Cambridge Carbon Capture proves technology at lab scale

(Sep 30 2019) The company has developed a technology which removes CO2 from the atmosphere and converts it into a usable, versatile and marketable material with many potential commercial uses.

U.S. Department of Energy Announces $110M for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage

(Sep 23 2019) Approximately $75M is for awards selected under two FOAs announced earlier this fiscal year; $35M is for a new FOA.

Minnkota receives $9.8m DOE grant for Project Tundra

(Sep 23 2019) The funding will be used to conduct a Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) study on Project Tundra’s proposed carbon capture system at the Milton R. Young Station near Center, N.D.

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