Offshore energy integration can deliver 30% of UK’s net zero target

(Aug 20 2020) The integration of offshore energy systems, including oil and gas, renewables, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage, could contribute to deliver approximately 30% of the UK’s total carbon reduction requirements needed to meet ...

Start up and shut down times of power CCUS

(Aug 19 2020) An investigation into start up and shut down times of gas-fired power carbon capture, usage and storage (power CCUS) facilities has been published by the UK Government.

CCSA welcomes UK Government consultation response

(Aug 19 2020) The CCUS Business Models consultation was originally published in July 2019, and it addresses important details that are vital to the development and deployment of CCUS projects in the UK.

DNV GL report defines how power grids can accelerate the energy transition

(Aug 19 2020) The report ‘Transition Faster Together: Power grids solutions, strategies and policies for a clean energy future’, outlines how power grids can support the global effort to accelerate the energy transition.

CCP annual report highlights two decades of work

(Aug 17 2020) The CCP (CO2 Capture Project) has published its 2019 Annual Report, which covers the activities of the organisation during the past year as well as looking back over the history of CCP.

New catalyst efficiently turns carbon dioxide into useful fuels and chemicals

(Aug 16 2020) By efficiently converting CO2 into complex hydrocarbon products, a new catalyst developed by a team of Brown researchers could potentially aid in large-scale efforts to recycle excess carbon dioxide.

Petrofac and Storegga partner on CCS opportunities

(Aug 16 2020) Petrofac, the international service provider to the energy industry, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with independent clean energy champion, Storegga Geotechnologies.

CCS could play key role in decarbonising electricity according to Brattle Economists

(Aug 16 2020) A new study by Brattle consultants assesses the cost-effectiveness of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) for utilities in meeting decarbonization goals.

Giga Metals provides update on Carbon Sequestration studies

(Aug 16 2020) The update is for its Turnagain Nickel Project, being done in conjunction with Dr. Greg Dipple of the University of British Columbia.

Partnership established to research underground CO2 storage

(Aug 16 2020) The Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership, or CUSP, is led by the Petroleum Recovery Research Center (PRRC) at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, which was awarded $6.24 million by the U.S. Department of Ener...

Countries transitioning to zero carbon should look at more than technology cost

(Aug 16 2020) A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to producing cleaner energy based on cost alone could create social inequalities, finds a new study.

Marubeni Corporation and Carbon Clean Solutions to develop CCS projects

(Aug 12 2020) The companies have signed a Joint Development Agreement to develop and invest in Carbon Capture projects.

Nano-sponges of solid acid transform carbon dioxide to fuel

(Aug 02 2020) Researchers at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research have developed nano solid acids that transform CO2 directly to fuel (dimethyl ether) and plastic waste to chemicals (hydrocarbons).

Fluor awarded FEED contract for Cal Capture project

(Aug 02 2020) The FEED is for California Resources Corporation’s (CRC) carbon capture and sequestration project, Cal Capture, at the 550-megawatt, natural gas-powered Elk Hills Power Plant in Tupman, California.

CO2CRC and NERA launch major study into Australian CCUS

(Jul 30 2020) NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) and CO2CRC have announced a new landmark study into CCUS to assist the nation’s energy resources sector reduce CO2 emissions while securing Australia’s energy future.

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