CarbonNet - developing a commercial model for a CCS network in Australia

(Sep 29 2013) CarbonNet is investigating the potential for a shared, large-scale CCS network in the Gippsland region, Victoria, Australia. By the Department of State Development, Business & Innovation, Victoria

Tarong post combustion pilot plant

(Sep 29 2013) Australian power company Stanwell Corporation Limited and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have developed an amine based carbon dioxide capture facility. By Sanger Huang, Ashleigh Cousins, ...

Technology Centre Mongstad – progress one year on

(Sep 29 2013) One year after the launch of Norway’s Technology Centre Mongstad, the world’s largest carbon capture testing facility, we spoke to managing director Frank Ellingsen about the developments so far. By Karl Jeffery.

Capturing carbon with concrete

(Sep 29 2013) Professor Peter Claisse of Coventry University looks at the potential for storing carbon dioxide in concrete.

DOE and ADM Illinois project advances

(Jul 22 2013) The United States Department of Energy (DOE) and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) has made significant progress in the development and construction of the largest carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) project in the U.S.

Accelerating CCS implementation in the UK

(Jul 22 2013) The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) sees Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as one of the UK’s big priority development areas for any future low carbon focused energy system. ETI Programme Manager for CCS, Andrew Green, explains.

Whole-chain CCS system modelling

(Jul 22 2013) With many diverse stakeholders involved it is important to have a common basis for making decisiosn that works across the whole CCS value chain. In a UK Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) commissioned project, PSE has developed ...

Internals for carbon capture plants

(Jul 22 2013) Koch-Glitsch is using its extensive experience to design cost-effective, energy efficient internals for post-combustion capture columns that still give optimum performance even for towers exceeding 20m diameter.

Power from gas + CCS at 54% efficiency?

(Jul 22 2013) Engineers at Technology Centre Mongstad of Norway believe that it might be possible to generate electricity from gas with CCS at 54 per cent efficiency – compared to 59 per cent efficiency for a gas turbine without CCS.

DNV KEMA – help manage risks of CO2 handling

(Jul 22 2013) DNV KEMA, together with 16 organisations involved in CCS, has published a comprehensive guidance document on CO2 handling, to help people get a better understanding of the risks, and help improve public confidence that the risks have been managed.

Carbon Capture Journal review of 2012

(Apr 13 2013) Another mixed year as nine new projects are announced, including five in China, while eight are cancelled, put on hold or restructured. The U.S. and Canada lead the way on moving projects to the operational phase. Funding efforts...

Testing times for CCS in UK and Europe

(Apr 13 2013) There is still time to secure CCS projects in Europe, but a repeat of recent efforts won’t be good enough, says Chris Littlecott, Senior Policy Adviser at E3G, and a Policy Research Associate with Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage.

ENGO perspective on CCS

(Apr 13 2013) Governments have a pivotal role in ensuring carbon capture and storage is used as part of a suite of tools to combat global warming, says a report written by the ENGO Network on CCS for UN climate talks in Qatar. By Camilla Svend...

Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre work on CO2 pipelines

(Apr 13 2013) The Energy Pipelines CRC is looking at the principal knowledge gaps that must be addressed in developing efficient designs for CO2 pipelines. By Valerie Linton, CEO, Energy Pipelines CRC.

Making money from mineralisation of CO2

(Feb 03 2013) Mineral Carbonation is an emerging commercially-driven alternative to geological CCS. Michael Priestnall, CEO of Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd and Industry Chair of CO2Chem’s Mineralisation Cluster, explains what mineral carbonati...

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Issue 64 - July - Aug 2018

CCS in Australia - CS-Cap: Development of an SO2 tolerant post combustion CO2 capture process .. CSIRO pilot plant demo of aqueous ammonia CO2 capture How OGCI is trying to enable a commercial CCUS industry .. NET Power project achieves first fire .....

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