A sustainable new material for carbon dioxide capture

(Dec 09 2019) Scientists from Chalmers University of Technology and Stockholm University have developed a CO2 capture material that is sustainable, has a high capture rate, and has low operating costs.

TGS sells seismic data for OGCI Teesside project

(Dec 09 2019) The data is to be used to verify the suitability for storage of CO2 in offshore reservoirs located in the Permian Gas Basin in the Southern North Sea.

CCS project Porthos a step closer

(Dec 09 2019) Project organisation Porthos has signed an agreement with four companies to work in parallel over the coming nine months on preparations for the capture, transport and storage of CO2.

IEA: Carbon capture technologies ready to make major contribution

(Dec 06 2019) Substantial progress has been made in advancing CCUS around the world, but current trends still fall well short of what would be needed to meet global sustainable energy goals.

Urgent action and investment needed to progress UK CCS

(Dec 03 2019) A comprehensive report from OGUK into the changing energy landscape has called for urgent action to progress low carbon technologies critical to the UK and Scottish Government’s net zero ambitions.

CO2 eating bacteria could produce biofuels from air

(Dec 02 2019) Bacteria at the Weizmann institute can exist solely on CO2 from air, pointing the way to the potential of carbon negative biofuels.

ERA invests $1.4M to explore CCS option at Lehigh Cement’s Edmonton Plant

(Dec 02 2019) Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) funding of $1.4 million was awarded to study the viability of a full-scale carbon capture and storage (CSS) facility at a Lehigh Cement plant in Edmonton, Alberta.

Scottish scientists win EU funding

(Dec 02 2019) Scientists from across the Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS) partnership have won a combined European funding total of €14.6 million for five innovative and ambitious three-year projects as part of joint bids with academic...

Svante and Cross River Infrastructure partner on industrial CCS

(Dec 02 2019) Svante has signed a collaboration agreement with Cross River Infrastructure Partners to develop commercial projects in North America that employ Svante’s technology, which is capable of capturing carbon directly from industrial s...

Lafarge Canada announces Phase II of CO2MENT project

(Dec 02 2019) Flue gas from the Richmond Cement Plant’s manufacturing facility is now captured using Svante Solutions' equipment.

CO2CRC welcomes ExxonMobil as its newest member

(Dec 02 2019) Esso Australia Pty Ltd has joined CO2CRC. Esso Australia is a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Australia Pty Ltd and ExxonMobil Corporation based in Houston.

Hydrogen: enabling the UK to reach net-zero emissions

(Dec 02 2019) Element Energy has produced four ‘Hy-Impact’ reports for Equinor that outline the opportunity for hydrogen and CCS in the UK net-zero transition.

decarbonICE - creating a pathway to carbon negative shipping

(Nov 29 2019) The shipping industry is looking for carbon free solutions to achieve the IMO 2050 target of a 50% CO2 emissions reduction compared to the 2008 level.

Tomakomai demonstration injects 300k tonnes of CO2

(Nov 25 2019) Japan CCS Company has achieved its target of 300,000 tonnes of CO2 injection at the Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project.

CCS, CCU and Hydrogen to play a key role in transforming EU industry

(Nov 25 2019) A new report recognises the critical role of carbon capture and storage (CCS), carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) and hydrogen technologies for the decarbonisation of EU industry

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Issue 72 - Nov - Dec 2019

CCUS in Asia - Decarbonisation of Indian industry: Transitioning to a sustainable, low-carbon economy .. Dalmia Cement and Carbon Clean Solutions build carbon capture plant Siemens and Evonik convert CO2 to fuel using bacteria .. Putting CO2 to Use.....

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