Breakthrough in direct activation of CO2 and CH4 into liquid fuels and chemicals

(Oct 15 2017) Researchers from the University of Liverpool have made a significant breakthrough in the direct conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) into liquid fuels and chemicals which could help industry to reduce greenhouse g...

DOE supported CO2 Capture Project reaches 4M tonne milestone

(Oct 15 2017) A large-scale carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology made possible through support from the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy and National Energy Technology Laboratory has captured and transported its 4-millionth metric ton of CO2.

Climeworks combines CO2 direct air capture with storage

(Oct 15 2017) Swiss cleantech company Climeworks has partnered with Reykjavik Energy to combine direct air capture (DAC) technology for the world’s first time with permanent geological storage.

The Netherlands and the United Kingdom set out ambitious plans for CCS in the run up to COP23

(Oct 15 2017) The Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP) has welcomed announcements by the Dutch and UK governments on CCS.

UK releases Clean Growth Strategy restarting CCS plans

(Oct 13 2017) Measures include funding for R&D and international collaboration, marking a fresh approach and reaffirmed commitment to CCUS in the UK.

University of Wyoming studying economic models for biofuel and CCS

(Oct 10 2017) Agricultural economists at the University of Wyoming will generate models of what economies in the Upper Missouri River Basin might look like if biofuels and carbon capture technologies were implemented.

Distinct regions confirmed in carbon capture and synthesis solvent

(Oct 10 2017) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory research looked at ionic liquid solvents.

NRL receives US patent for Carbon Capture Device

(Oct 06 2017) The Electrolytic-Cation Exchange Module (E-CEM) captures CO2 from seawater and produces synthetic fuel.

Rushlight Awards 2017-18 - open for entries

(Oct 06 2017) The clean technology awards close to entries on 30 November 2017.

Study shows £129 billion net economic benefit of CCS to UK

(Oct 05 2017) Summit Power study shows that an East Coast CCS network could boost the UK economy by an estimated £160 billion between now and 2060.

Statoil, Shell and Total enter CO2 storage partnership

(Oct 02 2017) The partners have signed a partnership agreement to mature the development of carbon storage on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS).

CO2 Capture Project report looks at CO2-EOR transition to CO2 storage

(Oct 01 2017) The CCP (CO2 Capture Project) report provides an in-depth review of the regulatory pathways for transitioning a pure CO2 EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) project into a CO2 storage operation in two key jurisdictions – Texas, USA, and Alberta, Canada.

CO2 Solutions' first commercial project on track in Quebec

(Oct 01 2017) The project to capture CO2 from a pulp mill in Canada is on schedule.

Launching standards for CO2 transport and storage

(Oct 01 2017) New international standards for storage and transport of carbon dioxide will be presented at a seminar at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) in Stavanger on 1 November.

Econic Technologies partners with SCG Chemicals on polymer manufacture

(Oct 01 2017) The companies will collaborate to develop processes to manufacture novel CO2-based high molecular weight polymers using Econic’s catalyst technologies and to assess application opportunities.

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