Montana State researchers win $1.5 million for developing carbon dioxide tech

(Oct 20 2018) A special ceramic slurry and a conveyor belt whose surface is minus 30 degrees are some of the things a Montana State University researcher will use to help turn carbon dioxide into useful products.

European Commission and Bill Gates launch €100 million clean energy investment fund

(Oct 20 2018) Breakthrough Energy Europe is a joint investment fund to help innovative European companies develop and bring radically new clean energy technologies to the market.

Norway's increased efforts on carbon capture and storage

(Oct 15 2018) In the national budget for 2019, the Norwegian government proposes to allocate about NOK 670 million to work on CCS. This is an increase of more than NOK 160 million compared to the final budget for 2018.

New catalyst opens door to CO2 capture in conversion of coal to liquid fuels

(Oct 15 2018) Researchers from the National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy in Beijing and Eindhoven University of Technology have developed iron-based catalysts that substantially reduce operating costs and open the door to capturing...

Reducing CO2 emissions could help power plants use less water

(Oct 15 2018) A Carnegie Mellon University team has found that a switch from coal to natural gas could reduce water use.

Future of UK oil&gas is in offshore CO2 storage industry

(Oct 10 2018) Prof Stuart Haszeldine, SCCS Director, will tell the Scottish Affairs Select Committee that carbon capture and storage offers a lifeline to the UK oil and gas industry as it faces an unavoidable transition to a low-carbon economy...

Fluor to test its new capture technology at Mongstad

(Oct 08 2018) Fluor wants to test a newly developed chemical solvent to separate carbon dioxide from industrial flue gases.

U.S. carbon capture network could double global CO2 headed underground

(Sep 30 2018) With the right public infrastructure investment, the United States could as much as double the amount of carbon dioxide emissions currently captured and stored worldwide within the next six years, according to an analysis by Prin...

U.S. DOE announces $30 million for transformation CCS technologies

(Sep 28 2018) Selected projects will support the development of solvent, sorbent, and membrane technologies to address scientific challenges and knowledge gaps associated with reducing the cost of carbon capture.

MIT researchers develop carbon capturing battery

(Sep 23 2018) The new lithium-based battery could capture and store CO2 as a solid carbonate mineral.

Psychologists test societal acceptance of underground storage of CO2

(Sep 23 2018) Leiden psychologists Emma Mors and Christine Boomsma examined the public perception and acceptance around the capture and storage of carbon dioxide as part of the ALIGN CCUS European research programme.

Cash, carbon, crude: Stanford study highlights way to coax emissions back into oil reservoirs

(Sep 23 2018) A new analysis looks at what it would take for oil companies to start pumping millions of tons of carbon dioxide into their wells to boost crude production – and what it would mean for the climate.

Using a cerium catalyst to capture CO2

(Sep 23 2018) A new catalyst could capture and transform carbon dioxide – creating useful chemicals from a greenhouse gas.

Oil and Gas Climate Initiative welcomes Chevron, ExxonMobil and Occidental Petroleum

(Sep 20 2018) The addition of three US companies expands the OGCI's representation to around 30% of global oil and gas production.

With urgent action UK could achieve net zero emissions by 2050

(Sep 12 2018) A joint report by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Royal Society presents an ambitious plan for how the UK can lead the way in deploying greenhouse gas removal (GGR) technologies to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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Issue 65 - Sept - Oct 2018

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