Brussels workshop on enhanced membranes to reduce CO2 capture cost

(Feb 12 2019) An industrial workshop is to be hosted by the EU-funded project, NANOMEMC2, in Brussels on 11th April to show how advances in enhanced membrane technology can boost carbon capture viability by reducing the costs and energy pena...

CO2 capture technology scrubs CO2 from power plants like scuba-diving gear

(Feb 04 2019) Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a process that removes CO2 from coal-burning power plant emissions in a way that is similar to how soda lime works in scuba diving rebreathers.

C-Capture raises £3.5m in funding round led by BP, Drax and IP Group

(Feb 04 2019) C-Capture is currently conducting a demonstration project at Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire, which will remove carbon dioxide from emissions produced by generating electricity from sustainable biomass.

New powder could help cut CO2 emissions

(Jan 27 2019) Scientists at the University of Waterloo have created a powder that could capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from factories and power plants.

GTI and Carbon Clean Solutions awarded $2.9M DOE funding

(Jan 20 2019) The DOE Office of Fossil Energy has awarded $2.9 million to GTI and CCS-US, the U.S. subsidiary of CCSL, to develop and test a potentially transformational carbon capture technology.

Membranes to capture CO2 at coal-fired power plants

(Jan 20 2019) A computational modelling method may help to fast-track the identification and design of new carbon capture and storage materials.

“Flipped” Metal Oxide Cage can sort CO2 from CO

(Jan 20 2019) A Japanese research team led by Kanazawa University studied using a bowl of Vanadium to separate carbon dioxide from carbon monoxide.

Occidental and Chevron invest in Carbon Engineering

(Jan 09 2019) Carbon Engineering Ltd. is a Canadian clean energy company backed by Bill Gates seeking to commercialize Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology.

Microcapsule technology for post-combustion carbon capture

(Dec 13 2018) Research led by the University of Pittsburgh and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) uses microcapsule technology that may make post-combustion carbon capture cheaper, safer, and more efficient.

Award launched for 'best CO2 utilisation'

(Dec 04 2018) nova-Institute and the material manufacturer Covestro will award innovative technologies and products in the Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU) area with the “Best CO2 Utilisation 2019”.

Direct electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide from low concentration sources

(Nov 29 2018) Tokyo Institute of Technology has developed a method that is capable of reducing low-concentration carbon dioxide (even 1 percent) with high selectivity and durability.

West Virginia University to capture CO2, sell baking soda

(Nov 19 2018) Research at West Virginia University will focus on turning carbon dioxide in power plant flue gas into commercial-quality sodium bicarbonate, aiming to use product sales to lower the cost of carbon capture technology.

Carbon fibers from greenhouse gas

(Nov 19 2018) Chemists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed a process using algae to sustainably reduce the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.

Harvard scientist develops process to convert CO2 into industrial fuels

(Nov 19 2018) A fellow at the Rowland Institute at Harvard, Wang and colleagues have developed an improved system to use renewable electricity to reduce carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide (CO) — a key commodity used in a number of industrial processes.

UK CAER receives $2.9m for CCS research

(Nov 18 2018) The United States Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy selected the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) to receive a $2.9 million grant that will allow the center to develop new technologies...


Issue 66 - Nov - Dec 2018

CCS in Asia: CCUS projects and financial aspects in Asia and technology developments in India .. MN Dastur - gasification “better pathway to CCS in India” .. Mumbai conference - carbon capture making strides in India Update on CCS in Europe – report.....

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