Invest in carbon capture - or go the way of the coal industry!

(Jun 30 2017) Today, the coal industry, and coal power, is gradually being obliterated by regulation in many countries. But if the coal industry had got involved in carbon capture and storage 10 years ago, this might not have happened.

What next for CCS, and why it still matters

(Jan 13 2016) Matthew Billson, Co-Programme Director of Energy 2050 at the University of Sheffield and former Head of CCS Strategy at DECC takes a look at where CCS in the UK is heading after the axing of £1bn funding.

Special report from the 8th Dutch CCS Symposium

(Nov 18 2015) Carbon Capture Journal attended the 8th Dutch CCS Symposium in Rotterdam on October 16th – and learned that the Dutch ‘ROAD’ CCS project is now on a similar schedule to the UK’s Peterhead and White Rose. Could they be in competition?

How can the UK decarbonise industry?

(Jul 24 2015) The UK has put together plans for eight of its most energy intensive industries to decarbonise by 2050. But the plans need to avoid making UK industry uncompetitive with plants in other parts of the world

CO2 EOR gives 7x returns

(Jun 19 2015) UK CO2 EOR gives “7x financial multiplier” back to the UK economy based on money invested by the UK [government] Treasury, according to a Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage study, which also looked at public perception, viabilit...

Integrated design and operational analysis of CCS systems

(Nov 02 2014) Peterhead project: designing for interactions across the CCS chain. By Mark Matzopoulos, Process Systems Enterprise Ltd.

Carbon capture – cheaper than a plant without it

(Jul 25 2014) NET Power LLC, a company based in Durham, North Carolina, is developing the best thing a carbon capture enthusiast can hope for – a way of burning gas to make electricity with just CO2 and water as the output – which is cheaper t...

CCS in the Netherlands - and the future of ROAD

(Jul 01 2014) ROAD, the Dutch flagship CCS project, is currently “essentially mothballed” while the project team wait for financing. Speakers at the CATO conference discussed who should be doing more to get it moving – industry or government?

Alberta continues to support CCS

(Apr 29 2014) Alberta continues to invest in two carbon capture and storage projects: the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line and Quest Project.

CCSA and TUC report outlines UK economic benefits of CCS

(Feb 05 2014) A report by the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA) and the Trades Union Congress (TUC) says that UK electricity prices would be lower if CCS is implemented in the power sector.

Why we need CCS to secure future renewables

(Nov 16 2013) The irony of renewables is that their inherent intermittency means that for technologies, such as wind, solar and wave to be adopted at scale, they must be supported by flexible fossil fuel power, at least in the medium term to c...

CarbonNet - developing a commercial model for a CCS network in Australia

(Sep 29 2013) CarbonNet is investigating the potential for a shared, large-scale CCS network in the Gippsland region, Victoria, Australia. By the Department of State Development, Business & Innovation, Victoria

Tarong post combustion pilot plant

(Sep 29 2013) Australian power company Stanwell Corporation Limited and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have developed an amine based carbon dioxide capture facility. By Sanger Huang, Ashleigh Cousins, ...

Technology Centre Mongstad – progress one year on

(Sep 29 2013) One year after the launch of Norway’s Technology Centre Mongstad, the world’s largest carbon capture testing facility, we spoke to managing director Frank Ellingsen about the developments so far. By Karl Jeffery.

Capturing carbon with concrete

(Sep 29 2013) Professor Peter Claisse of Coventry University looks at the potential for storing carbon dioxide in concrete.


Issue 57 May - June 2017

CCS in Europe: A decadal staircase to 2°C: time to step up - implementing Paris .. ZEP: CCS vital for clean growth and competitiveness .. European Parliamentary Hearing on CCS New carbon capture and exchange technology: CO2 to chemicals for £47 per .....

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