UK to develop world-first carbon 'net-zero' hub of heavy industry by 2040

(Dec 13 2018) At COP24 climate talks in Poland the UK government has set a world-leading ambition for the first 'net-zero carbon' cluster by 2040 backed by up to £170 million funding.

Global Status of CCS: 2018 - CCS vital lifeline to beat climate change

(Dec 12 2018) Carbon capture and storage is a vital lifeline to beat climate change, a raft of international ambassadors say in a major report released at the United Nation’s 24th Conference of Parties (COP24).

Report ranks UK among world leaders in global energy revolution

(Dec 06 2018) The UK is second only to Denmark when it comes to implementing measures to mitigate climate change, according to a new global energy revolution league table.

UK Oil and Gas Authority awards first CCS license to Acorn project

(Dec 06 2018) The award has been made to Pale Blue Dot Energy (Acorn) Ltd (PBD) for the Acorn Carbon Capture and Storage Project.

Oil & Gas UK report calls for 'essential' CCUS development at scale

(Dec 04 2018) The Energy Transition Outlook report, published by industry body Oil & Gas UK, considers the issues and opportunities for the offshore oil and gas sector from the changing energy landscape.

Cost of capturing CO2 drops 67% for next gen carbon capture plant

(Nov 30 2018) The International CCS Knowledge Centre report shows a deep capital cost reductions of 67% per tonne of captured CO2.

EU Long Term Strategy highlights important role of CCS

(Nov 29 2018) The European Zero Emissions Technology & Innovation Platform (ZEP) has welcomed the publication of the EU Long Term Strategy for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction.

Delaying commercial scale deployment of CCUS increases risk and the costs of a UK energy transition

(Nov 29 2018) A report from the Energy Technologies Institute supports extensive research that has consistently demonstrated that Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) deployment is a key component in minimising costs in the transition to a...

OGCI Climate Investments announces progression of the UK’s first commercial full-chain CCUS project

(Nov 29 2018) OGCI is entering into a strategic partnership with BP, ENI, Equinor, Occidental Petroleum, Shell and Total to progress the Clean Gas Project, the UK’s first commercial full-chain Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) project in Teesside.

UK Government joins industry to support Acorn CCS investment

(Nov 28 2018) The UK and Scottish Governments, along with project developer Pale Blue Dot Energy and oil and gas major Total, will provide match funding of the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facilities fund, to progress feasibility wo...

UK action plan aims to develop first CCUS project by mid 2020s

(Nov 28 2018) UK Clean Growth Action Plan aims to make UK a global leader in CCUS and to enable deployment of CCUS at scale during the 2030s subject to costs coming down sufficiently.

IEA and UK kick-start a new global era for CCUS

(Nov 28 2018) The International CCUS Summit, co-chaired by Claire Perry, UK Minister of State for Clean Energy and Growth, and Dr Fatih Birol, the IEA’s Executive Director, signals the start of a new era for CCUS, a technology that is critical...

Drax begins bioenergy carbon capture and storage pilot

(Nov 26 2018) The commissioning of a Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) pilot plant at Drax Power Station has started with the first carbon dioxide expected to be captured in the coming weeks.

Hydrogen combined with CCS a viable option for UK power

(Nov 23 2018) Hydrogen is a credible option to help decarbonise the UK energy system but its role depends on early Government commitment and improved support to develop the UK’s industrial capability, says a new report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).

Mission Possible: Reaching net-zero carbon emissions from harder-to-abate sectors by mid-century

(Nov 23 2018) A report by the Energy Transitions Commission shows that reaching net-zero carbon emissions from heavy industry and heavy-duty transport can be done through ambitious policy, accelerated innovation and investment, with minimal co...


Issue 65 - Sept - Oct 2018

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