Update on Business Opportunities in CO2 Utilisation

(Nov 28 2016)

Is CO2 reuse evolving as an exciting market sector - or just another niche which will never work?

Carbon Capture Mumbai

(Sep 30 2016)

Could there be a CO2 capture, storage and utlisation industry in India?

Investing in Petroleum under a Carbon Cloud

(Nov 19 2015)

….is there an existential threat to the oil & gas industry?

Brussels - keeping CCS moving in the EU

(Feb 25 2015)

How do we keep carbon capture and storage moving in the EU over the next 10 years and where are we now?

London - Getting ready for Phase 2 and Phase 3

(Nov 20 2014)

Our London event on Nov 20th will look at what Phase 2 and Phase 3 of UK's Carbon Capture and Storage industry might look like (counting White Rose and Peterhead as Phase 1).

Poland Carbon Capture forum

(Nov 18 2014)

Our Warsaw event on Nov 18th will look at what technology and experience developed so far could help make carbon capture and storage viable for Poland over the longer term.

Making CCS Investable in the Netherlands

(Nov 12 2014)

What do we have to do, to get from where we are now, to where we have an investable carbon capture and storage industry in the Netherlands?

Increasing the options with carbon capture

(Mar 25 2014)

Our fourth Carbon Capture Journal conference, London on on March 25 2014, looks at ways we can improve the options for carbon capture. The more different options we can come up with, the more likely it is to work.

Keeping the momentum with carbon capture

(Nov 19 2013)

What do we need to do, to keep public interest in carbon capture alive?


Issue 63 - May - June 2018

The Oil & Gas Issue: CCS is back on the EU agenda and the oil & gas industry can help .. Industrial CO2 capture: the case of LNG plants .. ACT Acorn full-chain integrated project Hazelwood pilot - a new CO2 absorber offers cost reductions .. Offshor.....

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