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Issue 69 - May - June 2019

(May 01 2019)

Policy priorities to incentivise large scale deployment of CCS
Leaders - CCUS in Europe
CO2-DISSOLVED: combining CO2 geological storage with geothermal heat
Storing dissolved CO2 in deep saline aquifers close to small-to-medium-scale
industrial emission sources, whilst also recovering geothermal energy: this is the
basic idea behind the CO2-DISSOLVED concept
SINTEF: carbon capture is cheaper than ever
According to a new report, many years of research effort have resulted in significant
reductions in the cost of full-scale carbon capture and storage
Pathways to Net-Zero Emissions from EU Heavy Industry
Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 for European energy-intensive industries is
within reach and multiple pathways can get them there concludes a report by
consultancy Material Economics
Europe relaunches CCUS knowledge exchange network
A Europe-wide knowledge sharing network has received fresh funding from the
European Commission to support and inspire major carbon capture, utilisation and
storage projects in their efforts to deliver climate action
Aker Solutions Signs Carbon Capture Contract With Twence
Aker Solutions has signed an agreement for delivery of carbon capture and
liquefaction at Twence's waste-to-energy plant in Hengelo in the Netherlands
Researchers aim to store Swedish CO2 on the Norwegian shelf
A Swedish-Norwegian research project will be looking into the possibilities and costs
of transporting CO2 captured in Sweden for storage on the Norwegian shelf

Projects and policy

Making CCS add up - why the figures are wrong on CCS
The lack of support for CCS and record of cancellation of major projects has happened
because the figures aren’t right, argues Dr Dawid Hanak at Cranfield University
UK Government should ‘green light’ carbon capture technology, say MPs
The Government needs to move away from vague and ambiguous targets and give a
clear policy direction to ensure the UK seizes the industrial and decarbonisation
benefits of carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS)
UK can phase out greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
The UK can end its contribution to global warming within 30 years by setting an
ambitious new target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, and CCS
is essential to this ambition finds the Committee on Climate Change in its latest report
EFI California Energy Study identifies CCUS as major contributor
The Energy Futures Initiative (EFI) study outlinines how the state of California can
forge a low-carbon energy economy with CCUS playing an essential role
Capture and utilisation
New separation technique could lead to reduced CO2 emissions
A Washington State University research team has developed a new way to separate
carbon dioxide out of industrial processes using porous nano rods
Transport and storage
CO2 mineralization in geologically common rocks for carbon storage
Kyushu University-led researchers ran computer simulations of CO2 reacting with
rock surfaces to form carbonate minerals, showing how 'mineral trapping' can be
used for carbon storage
USGS review of carbon mineralization
Following an assessment of geologic carbon storage potential in sedimentary rocks,
the USGS has published a comprehensive review of potential carbon storage in
igneous and metamorphic rocks through a process known as carbon mineralization


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