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Issue 71 - Sept - Oct 2019

(Sep 05 2019)

Hydrogen production with CCS in Australia’s Gippsland region
The Australian Carbon Innovation and Federation University event, 'Hydrogen - a pathway to
environmental and regional prosperity - where to for Gippsland?' was held Thursday 8 August 2019
Leaders - CCUS in Canada
Making a business case for large-scale CCS
With technological certainty and reductions in risk and cost, policy drivers can be
supported by strong business cases for CCS. By Beth Hardy, VP Strategy &
Stakeholder Relations, International CCS Knowledge Centre
Boilermakers advocate for CCUS technology in Canada
The Boilermakers Union championed CCUS technology at two key energy and climate
events in Saskatchewan and British Columbia in May
Canada could play leading role in carbon conversion industry
A new report by by CMC Research Institutes documents Canadian strengths in carbon
capture, conversion, utilization and storage technology development
LafargeHolcim launches carbon capture project in Canada
The objective is to build the world’s first full-cycle solution to capture and reuse CO2
from a cement plant while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The project is a
partnership between Lafarge Canada, Inventys and Total
Projects and policy
CSIRO In-Situ Laboratory Project
The CSIRO In-Situ Laboratory successfully monitors a 38t CO2 controlled-release
experiment in a fault zone in Western Australia
UK Gov must act urgently to maintain credibility on climate action
The UK has legislated for net-zero emissions by 2050 – now the UK Government must
show it is serious says the Committee on Climate Change
Pathways to a low-carbon China
MIT study projects a key role for carbon capture and storage for China to fulfill it's
climate change objectives
Global storage regulations reviewed in new CCP report
Increased CCS policy confidence and a growth in regulatory regimes for CO2 storage
worldwide are among the key findings of a report published by CO2 Capture Project
Silixa’s in-well fibre optic sensing – good for subsea and carbon capture
Silixa reports that its improved fibre optic sensing technology for wells is proving
useful in subsea wells and CO2 storage wells. By Karl Jeffery
‘Crucial Role’ of Oil and Gas Industry in meeting UK Net Zero targets
Oil and Gas UK has published a blueprint setting out five key themes requiring industry,
government and regulator action
Removing CO2 from power plant exhaust - combining capture and disposal
MIT researchers are developing a battery that could both capture carbon dioxide in
power plant exhaust and convert it to a solid ready for safe disposal. By Nancy W.
Stauffer, MIT Energy Initiative
Capture and utilisation
Electrocatalytic reactor converts CO2 into liquid fuel
A catalytic reactor developed at Rice University uses carbon dioxide as its feedstock and,
in its latest prototype, produces highly purified and high concentrations of formic acid
Next-gen membranes for carbon capture
EPFL chemical engineers have developed a new class of high-performance membranes
for carbon capture that greatly exceed current targets
Transport and storage
Chevron's Gorgon project starts storing CO2
Chevron Australia and the Gorgon Joint Venture participants have started the carbon
dioxide injection system at the Gorgon natural gas facility in Western Australia

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