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Issue 72 - Nov - Dec 2019

(Nov 01 2019)

Carbon storage essential for climate action but is no ‘free pass’ for oil and gas industry
With a major oil and gas conference having taken place last month there have been a lot of
announcements around the industry’s role in a zero-carbon future. By Rebecca Bell, SCCS Policy & Research Officer
Leaders - CCUS in Asia
Decarbonisation of Indian industry: Transitioning to a cleaner economy
A discussion paper from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) looks at the need
for Indian industry to transition to resource efficient, sustainable and low-carbon
production, especially in hard-to-abate sectors
Dalmia Cement and Carbon Clean Solutions build carbon capture plant
Indian cement major Dalmia will build a large-scale, 500,000 tonne/year carbon
capture facility at its cement plant in Tamil Nadu
Projects and policy
Shell, OGCI, IGOP, Pale Blue Dot, Equinor, discuss carbon capture
Representatives of Shell, OGCI, IGOP, Pale Blue Dot and Equinor discussed where they
think the oil and gas industry is with carbon capture, at a session during the Offshore
Europe event in Aberdeen. By Karl Jeffery
EY and DNV GL: the future of energy
Paul Bogenreider, energy futurist with EY, and Liv Hovem, CEO of oil and gas with DNV
GL, presented their vision of the future at the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of
Commerce Business Breakfast at Offshore Europe on September 3. By Karl Jeffery
Putting CO2 to Use: Creating value from emissions
A report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) considers the near-term market
potential for five key categories of CO2-derived products and services
CEDIGAZ report hails new era for CCUS
CCUS is coming back into the limelight, especially in the US and in Europe, in the wake
of the Paris agreement, boosted by a growing interest in hydrogen, rising carbon
prices, new supporting policies and new business models
Gas, renewables and CCS must work together to achieve energy transition
Gas and renewables must work together alongside greater uptake of carbon capture
and storage to secure a rapid energy transition, according to a forecast by DNV GL
Capture and utilisation
New electrochemical process can recycle millions of tonnes of CO2 a year
Electrolysis of CO2 using renewable energy can produce high energy chemical
feedstocks that will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of hydrocarbon products
Chemical-looping: the answer to the cost and energy penalties of CCS?
With the first generation of CO2 capture now being well established the time may have
come to look for the 2nd generation of CO2 capture
Siemens and Evonik CO2 to chemicals Rheticus research project
The project aims to produce high-value speciality chemicals from CO2 and water using
electricity from renewable sources and bacteria
Sydney researchers copy leaves to convert CO2 to hydrocarbons
University of Sydney researchers are drawing inspiration from leaves to reduce carbon
emissions, using nanotechnology to develop a method for 'carbon photosynthesis'
MIT engineers develop a new way to remove CO2 at any concentration
The process, based on passing air through a stack of charged electrochemical plates,
could work on the gas at any concentrations, from power plant emissions to open air
To advance this science, biotech startup Helios-NRG is testing technologies for algae
cultivation and carbon capture in a greenhouse at University at Buffalo
Transport and storage
Drilling complete at Otway low cost CO2 monitoring project
A 59-day drilling program has been successfully completed at CO2CRC’s Otway
National CCS Research Centre, located at Nirranda South in south-west Victoria


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Issue 72 - Nov - Dec 2019

CCUS in Asia - Decarbonisation of Indian industry: Transitioning to a sustainable, low-carbon economy .. Dalmia Cement and Carbon Clean Solutions build carbon capture plant Siemens and Evonik convert CO2 to fuel using bacteria .. Putting CO2 to Use.....

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