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Issue 74 - Mar - Apr 2020

(Mar 01 2020)

Bellona report: North European cities aim at zero emissions with CCUS
Together with The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA) NIRAS and five Northern European
capitals, Bellona has launched a report, “Cities Aim at Zero Emissions: How carbon capture,
storage and utilisation can help cities go carbon neutral”
Leaders - CCUS in the U.S.
ION Clean Energy looks to capture one billion tonnes of CO2 by 2050
ION Clean Energy is looking to validate promising CO2 capture economics with a FEED
study and has an ambitious plan to capture one billion tonnes of CO2 by 2050
CCUS: the role of U.S. innovation leadership in commercialisation
A paper by Lee Beck, Senior Advisor for Advocacy and Communications at the Global
CCS Institute, concludes that the USA is in a prime position to commercialise CCUS
A roadmap to at-scale deployment of CCUS in the United States
A draft National Petroleum Council report finds that CCUS is essential to provide
energy while addressing climate change at the lowest cost
Projects study CO2 geological storage
Virginia Tech scientists are working on two nationally funded projects to study CO2
geological storage
Report outlines ways California could become carbon neutral by 2045
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists have identified a robust
suite of technologies to help California become carbon neutral by 2045
NETL project validates geologic storage of CO2
NETL-backed Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership demonstrates the ability to reduce
carbon dioxide emissions and enhance the efficiency of oil production
Projects and policy
CCUS only pathway to achieving net-zero emissions in the cement industry
Carbon capture is an essential technology that can achieve the goal of net zero
emissions. By Ian Riley and Manon Burbidge, World Cement Association
Atkins report calls for energy ‘sea change’ to achieve UK Net Zero
The government’s Net Zero 2050 target won’t be achieved without substantial changes
to the UK’s energy mix including an urgent boost to CCS
BP, Eni, Equinor, Shell and Total form Net Zero Teesside consortium
BP, Eni, Equinor, Shell and Total assume leadership of the Net Zero Teesside project,
with BP as operator, transitioning the project from OGCI Climate Investments
Capture and utilisation
New screening processes will help accelerate carbon capture research
University of Alberta researchers are helping make carbon capture more efficient,
screening 120,000 carbon capturing solids in hours—instead of thousands of years
Standardized testing eliminates amine-based CCS barriers
The International CCS Knowledge Centre is in the process of developing a skid – a
portable testing apparatus, that is expected to be ready to launch in Q4 2020
LAUNCH project and Biobe: moulding the future of carbon capture
LAUNCH is a three-year project aimed at accelerating the implementation of
CO2 capture across industry and enabling the development of novel solvents
Rice lab turns carbon rich waste into valuable graphene flakes
A new process can turn bulk quantities of just about any carbon source into graphene
flakes at less cost than other processes
Transport and storage
CO2 DataShare launches open, digital data sharing portal
CO2 DataShare has launched a web-based digital portal for sharing reference datasets
from pioneering CO2 storage projects
CO2CRC Otway Stage 2C project delivers first results
The project has provided important findings into migration and monitoring of carbon
dioxide injected underground


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