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Issue 75 - May - June 2020

(May 01 2020)

Leaders - CCUS in EMEA
New and old CCS projects in Europe: What’s different this time?

In comparison to previous waves of projects, the design and focus of new projects as well as the policy environment has changed, making the case for CCS as a key component in reaching the EUs climate objectives, says a paper from the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers.  

Aker Solutions’ carbon capture technology approved by DNV GL
Aker Solutions is working together with Norcem HeidelbergCement to realise the
world's first commercial-scale carbon capture facility for use in cement production
From greenhouse gas to a high-tech resource
Within the NECOC Research Project, a test facility for conversion of CO2 from the air
into solid carbon is being built at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany
Integrating the climate challenge with the circular carbon economy
Energy leaders met to discuss cooperation on scaling up CCUS at Saudi Arabia’s
inaugural International Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Conference
LEILAC project moves to Phase 2 after positive results
HeidelbergCement is starting the further development and scale-up of the LEILAC
technology (Low Emissions Intensity Lime And Cement) with Calix and partners
Operation at Technology Centre Mongstad to continue until 2023
The Government of Norway has proposed a continuation of the financial support for
the Technology Centre for CO2 capture at Mongstad (TCM) until end of 2023
Projects and policy
Will our future world be NICE?
Philippe Fonta, Founder and CEO of SCRUM-consult, argues that we should scale up
CCUS under a common platform, the New International Carbon Economy (NICE), that
rebrands CO2 as a fuel rather than a waste product
Global CCS Institute – how to scale up the CCS market
The Global CCS Institute has been evaluating what factors are proving most helpful
getting projects into operation, and how to increase the survival rate of planned
projects. By Karl Jeffery
CCUS projects gain funding from UK Research and Innovation
A range of decarbonisation projects have attracted seed funding from UK Research and
Innovation to conduct further work on CO2 reduction programmes
CO2 measurement, monitoring and verification
CO2CRC: reliably validating CO2 plume migration models in the subsurface
The Otway Stage 2C project enabled detection of a 15,000 tonne plume of injected CO2
as it grew and stabilised deep in the subsurface using a range of seismic technologies
Aquistore demonstrates safe and cost-effective CO2 storage
Aquistore is an on-going MMV project to demonstrate that storing CO2 3.4km
underground in a brine and sandstone water formation is a safe, workable solution
TÜV SÜD - the need to measure carbon dioxide flows accurately
LAUNCH is a three-year, EU-funded project aimed at accelerating the implementation of
CO2 capture across industry and enabling the development of novel solvents
Capture and utilisation
On Mars or Earth, biohybrid can turn CO2 into useful products
Scientists at University of California, Berkeley have developed a device to capture
carbon dioxide from the air and convert it to useful organic products
New self-forming membrane to separate CO2 from other gases
Newcastle University researchers have developed a new class of self-forming
membrane to separate carbon dioxide from a mixture of gases at low cost
Transport and storage
Report highlights twenty years of DOE's carbon storage program
The U.S. Department of Energy has tested, monitored and safely stored more than 11
million tonnes of CO2 in subsurface geological formations



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Issue 75 - May - June 2020

CCUS in EMEA: Aker Solutions’ CCUS tech certified by DNV GL for cement plant .. Converting CO2 into a valuable solid carbon resource .. LEILAC project scales up fourfold for Phase 2 CO2CRC Otway project: tracking CO2 plume migration .. Aquistore dem.....
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