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Issue 77 - Sept - Oct 2020

(Sep 01 2020)

Petra Nova's Carbon Capture System works - and has proved its worth
Although plummeting oil prices have caused the suspension of the Petra Nova demonstration
project in Texas, rather than being seen as a failure it should be recognised for achieving its
objectives and even surpassing its target of 90% CO2 capture efficiency.

Leaders - CCUS in Canada

CMC Research Institutes’ CCS monitoring facility yields rich results
Data from the southern Alberta test site will improve monitoring processes in
commercial CO2 storage and CO2-enhanced oil recovery operations
Evolution of CCS Hubs in Canada
The emergence of hubs and clusters is demonstrating the value of networking full
chain CCS infrastructure to reduce the investment costs and risks of CCS projects
Incentivising CCS in Canada with a ‘kick-start’
With post-COVID economic stimulus being directed towards clean development and
climate action, CCS is an active part of the conversation for net-zero ambitions
Projects and policy
Oil and Gas Climate Initiative: Scaling up CO2 capture, use and storage
OGCI members explicitly support the Paris Agreement and its goals through a range of
targeted actions. One of the most important is the creation of a CCUS industry at scale
IEA Clean Coal Centre report: CCUS - Status, barriers and potential
The case for CCUS: fuel power generation fitted with CCUS is a key part of the transition
to a net zero CO2 emissions future
Analysing the potential of bioenergy with carbon capture in the UK
In a report for the UK Government, Ricardo Energy & Environment seeks to evaluate the
costs and benefits of BECCS and analyse how to speed deployment 
CCS could play key role in decarbonising U.S. electricity
A study by Brattle assesses the cost-effectiveness of CCS for utilities and suggests CCS
can be developed today at a minimal incremental net cost
CO2 Capture Project annual report highlights two decades of work
The CCP has published its 2019 Annual Report, which covers the activities of the
organisation during the past year as well as looking back over the history of CCP
A method to calculate the positive effects of CCS on climate change
A report from the Zero Emissions Platform defines three fundamental characteristics
for the classification of technologies for climate change abatement of CCS projects
Capture and utilisation
3D-printed device demonstrates enhanced capture of CO2 emissions
Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have designed and additively manufactured
a first-of-its-kind aluminum device that enhances the capture of carbon dioxide
New catalyst efficiently turns CO2 into useful fuels and chemicals
By efficiently converting CO2 into complex hydrocarbon products, a new catalyst
developed by a team at Brown could aid in large-scale efforts to recycle excess CO2
ExxonMobil and Berkeley make important advance in CO2 capture
The technique using metal-organic frameworks showed a six times greater capacity
for removing CO2 from flue gas than current amine-based technology
Researchers pinpoint how sorbent materials catch and release CO2
A paper from Arizona State University describes in detail what is happening with a
sorbent material when it catches and releases CO2
Transport and storage
Partnership established to research underground CO2 storage
The Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership is led by the Petroleum Recovery
Research Center at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Scotland and Malaysia study role of subsurface saline aquifers
A new study has provided insights into the role of natural mechanisms within rocks
deep below ground for securely storing anthropogenic carbon dioxide


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Issue 77 - Sept - Oct 2020

CCUS in Canada: Evolution of CCS Hubs in Canada - the value of networking .. Incentivising CCS in Canada with ‘kick-start’ support .. CCS in Canada: the stats .. CMC Research Institutes’ CCS monitoring facility yields rich results Brattle: CCS could.....
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