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Issue 59 Sept- Oct 2017

(Sep 01 2017)

research*eu magazine special issue: The grand plan for carbon capture
The EU’s results magazine, research*eu, pubished a special issue on carbon capture in July 2017,
featuring a seres of articles including “Promoting European leadership in CCS technology”
summarised here.

Leaders - CCS in the United States

Support grows for Carbon Capture incentives in the United States
The U.S. has an opportunity to harness the increasing bipartisan support for carbon
capture by establishing incentives that would drive large-scale projects and
infrastructure while achieving important national benefits
California extends its cap and trade program
California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bipartisan bill that extends the
state’s cap-and-trade program to 2030
Kemper County IGCC: Death Knell for Carbon Capture? NOT.
After almost 7 years of design and construction work, and over $7 billion spent, the
much-publicized Kemper County coal gasification power plant will now run on natural
gas without capturing any carbon
Projects and policy
Japan’s big steps toward CO2-free hydrogen with CCS
With the unchanged situation of nuclear power and the slow progress of renewable energy, Japan
will head toward utilization of hydrogen made from domestic lignite coal for its clean energy
Silixa – acoustic sensing with much less noise
Silixa has developed a fibre optic cable for recording seismic in wells which is 100x
more sensitive than the current Silixa iDAS seismic system
Korea and China research advanced CO2 capture technology
The Korea Electric Power Corporation Research Institute (KEPRI) and the Huaneng
Clean Energy Research Institute in China have begun a joint international research
project for the development of post-combustion CO2 capture technology
SCD Corporation’s CO2 capture solvent being tested in Iran
SCD Corporation in Iran has developed a proprietary solvent which it is currently
testing at two projects
Carbon capture and storage readiness index review of progress
The Global CCS Institute’s CCS Readiness Index and gives a comparative review of
global progress towards wide-scale deployment
Vattenfall power plant evaluated for hydrogen+CCS
Statoil, Vattenfall and Gasunie will evaluate the possibilities of converting Vattenfall’s
gas power plant Magnum in the Netherlands into a hydrogen-powered plant
Indian Oil and LanzaTech to build gas to bioethanol refinery
Indian Oil Corporation Limited and LanzaTech ave signed a Statement of Intent to
construct the world’s first refinery off gas-to-bioethanol production facility in India
Capture and utilisation
Photo-activated catalyst grabs CO2 to make ingredients for fuel
Scientists at Berkeley Lab have developed a light-activated material that can
chemically convert carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide without generating
unwanted byproducts
Econic Technologies develops tunable catalyst for CO2 conversion
The catalyst, developed by a team of British scientists, converts CO2 into polyols, a
key building block in polyurethane plastics
Transport and storage
Leaks will not sink carbon capture and storage
A Princeton University study shows CO2 storage would not be prone to significant
leakage or high costs related to fixing leaks
Current status of global storage resources
a collation and summary of the current status of storage assessments worldwide
known as the Global Storage Portfolio


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