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Issue 62 - Mar - Apr 2018

(Mar 01 2018)

Leaders - CCS in the United States

U.S. bill includes Carbon Capture Tax Credit that could boost CCS
Could the FUTURE Act, which includes provision to extend and reform a tax credit for
CCS and CO2-EOR, lead to a CCS ‘gold rush’?
Update on technology testing at the National Carbon Capture Center
The National Carbon Capture Center is a cost-effective, flexible test center for
evaluating the critical components of CO2 capture and power generation technologies
Moody’s: Coal production to continue sharp secular decline without CCS
U.S. coal will remain in sharp secular decline unless CCS technology alters the
dynamics according to a research report from Moody’s
Capturing and using CO2 from Ethanol
The ethanol industry has a strategic opportunity to deploy technology and
infrastructure that would both increase its revenue and beneficially reduce carbon
emissions, says a report from the State CO2-EOR Deployment Work Group
Projects and policy
STEMM-CCS: Improving safe operation of offshore CCS
STEMM-CCS will provide a set of tools, techniques and methods to enhance
understanding of CCS in the marine environment. A key component of the project is an
experiment in the North Sea at the Goldeneye site
Energy Institute report shows oil & gas industry support for CCS
A new report, “The future of gas: The role of natural gas in the future global energy
system,” sheds light on the attitudes of global oil and gas professionals towards
reducing the climate change impacts of natural gas
Negative emission technologies role in meeting Paris Agreement
A report by the European Academies’ Science Advisory Council finds that NETs have
“limited realistic potential” to halt increases in the concentration of greenhouse gases
UK Clean Growth Strategy does not go far enough says CCC
The UK Committee on Climate Change has produced an independent assessment of the
UK's Strategy which finds urgent action is needed
Priority Actions to Enable CCS Deployment
The Coal Industry Advisory Board has outlined a specific suite of policies and incentives
that would stimulate the private sector and government to reach the required
deployment rate for CCS to mitigate CO2 emissions
Capture and utilisation
New Fuel Cell technology runs on solid carbon
A new paper published by Idaho National Laboratory researchers describes a fuel
cell that uses three times more carbon
CHEERS project to improve efficiency of the CO2 capture value chain
A new EU-China Research and Innovation Action, designated CHEERS, will test a 2nd
generation chemical-looping technology in China
Preem assesses carbon capture from Lysekil refinery
Preem has started a CLIMIT supported carbon capture study on their refinery in
Lysekil to build a demonstration plant with the aim of working towards a full-scale
integrated CCS project
Transport and storage
‘Early warning’ CO2 monitoring technique using noble gases
University of Edinburgh research showing how naturally occurring noble gases can be
used to track the movement of carbon dioxide injected underground could provide a
reliable monitoring technique for carbon storage operators
Carbon capture in the heart of Edinburgh already happening
The North British Distillery in Edinburgh has been capturing CO2 from the whisky
distilling process for 30 years


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