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Issue 63 - May - June 2018

(May 01 2018)

Leaders - CCS in the Oil & Gas Industry

“CCS will never fly!” - How the oil & gas industry can contribute to EU CCS
National governments, EU institutions and industry all need to work together to
prepare for the deployment of CCS solutions. The oil & gas industry can help
Paris targets can be met if fossil fuel producers pay for CO2 storage
A new study by SCCS scientists suggests that the Paris Agreement’s climate targets
can be met rapidly if fossil fuel producers are obliged to pay for the storage of
progressively increasing amounts of carbon emissions resulting from their products
Industrial CO2 capture: the case of LNG plants
Jorge Arizmendi-Sanchez (Costain) and Jasmin Kemper (IEA-GHG) explore the
opportunites, technical and economic viability of applying CCS to LNG export facilities
Shell Sky Scenario - a possible future?
Shells’ Scenarios offer descriptions of what could be done – plausible pathways for the
future and useful insights along the way. Sky is an ambitious scenario to hold the
increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C
ACT Acorn - a scaleable full-chain industrial CCS project
The aim of the Acorn project is to deliver a low-cost carbon capture and storage
system in north east Scotland by 2023, building on existing research
Offshore power generation with CCS - SINTEF’s CEPONG project
In a decade, offshore power generation with CCS may supply cost-competitive green
electricity to limit the climate impact of offshore oil and gas production facilities
Reducing methane emissions with bacteria
As part of the Future Energy Systems research initiative, University of Alberta
biological sciences researchers are genetically engineering non-hazardous bacteria
that consume methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases, and turn it into fuel
Researchers find CCS a financial opportunity for U.S. biofuels
With recent tax credits and other policies, removing carbon dioxide from the
atmosphere and storing it underground is not only possible but profitable
Projects and policy
New gas-to-liquid absorption technology poised to significantly reduce CO2 capture costs
A technology initially developed as a biological-chemical filter for the U.S. military is
poised to revolutionize gas-to-liquid absorption processes and significantly reduce the
cost of capturing carbon dioxide, proponents say
New CO2 Capture Plant in Japan supplies liquefied CO2 production
After the success of the world’s largest CO2 capture plant, the Petra Nova Project,
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering (MHIENG) has delivered another CO2 capture
plant in Japan with different application and end use
Stronger CCS Advocacy - a new campaign group for Europe
A group of individuals who have worked to champion CCS in Europe, but with little
progress to date, are proposing a new Brussels-based organisation
Capture and utilisation
SoCalGas and Opus 12 develop technology to convert CO2 to methane
A new electrolyzer technology can convert unwanted carbon dioxide in raw biogas
directly to pipeline quality natural gas using renewable electricity
Transport and storage
$2.5M grant funds real-time monitoring of underground carbon
Researchers are partnering on a new $2.5-million project to illuminate what happens
to carbon dioxide during underground sequestration
Research gives precise look at underground CO2 abatement process
New research by scientists at Washington University in St. Louis sheds light on what
happens underground when CO2 is injected into basalt


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Issue 66 - Nov - Dec 2018

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