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Issue 64 - July - Aug 2018

(Jul 01 2018)

Leaders - CCS in Australia

CS-Cap: Development of an SO2 tolerant post combustion CO2 capture process
Combining the removal of SO2 and CO2 from flue gas streams into a single process
step could significantly lower the cost of post combustion emissions reduction
CSIRO pilot plant demonstration of aqueous ammonia CO2 capture
CSIRO is trialling an advanced aqueous ammonia (NH3)-based post-combustion
capture technology in a pilot plant at Vales Point Power Station, New South Wales,
Projects and policy
Defining opportunity – how OGCI is trying to enable a commercial CCUS industry
Collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders, and supported by ten major oil and
gas companies, the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) aims to be a catalyst for a
commercial CCUS industry
Expansion of the 45Q Tax Credit
The Energy Futures Initiative has compiled a comprehensive overview of the
opportunities for application of the expanded federal tax incentives for carbon capture
utilization and storage (CCUS), as well as the additional implementation challenges
facing CCUS project developers and policymakers
Element Energy / Vivid Economics report says CCS won’t work without public-private collaboration
A new report shows that improving the dialogue and collaboration between public and
private stakeholders would be crucial in supporting the deployment of CCS
CO2 Capture Project Annual Report
The CO2 Capture Project was formed in 2000 to advance technologies for CO2 capture
and geological storage to help make CCS a viable option for CO2 mitigation
How Total and Statoil plan the ‘energy transition’
The opening debate at this year’s EAGE annual event in Copenhagen in June, included
senior representatives of Total and Equinor talking about how they see the role of gas
in the “energy transition era”, with some discussion of carbon capture
EU chief scientific advisors examine Carbon Capture and Utilisation
The European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism has published an opinion on
the potential of CCUS and the best way to implement it
Growing CCS - key messages of the 13th CO2GeoNet Open Forum
The theme of the 13th CO2GeoNet Open Forum was “Growing CCS for a sustainable
future – linking local actions for a global solution”
NET Power project achieves first fire milestone
NET Power has successfully achieved first fire of its supercritical carbon dioxide
demonstration power plant and test facility located in La Porte, Texas
Capture and utilisation
New catalyst upgrades CO2 into renewable hydrocarbons
The process developed at the University of Toronto converts CO2 into ethylene using
sunlight as an energy source
Transport and storage
WellDog, Virginia Tech and Carbon GeoCycle verify CO2 storage
First direct verification of geologic sequestration of CO2 opens door for carbon
sequestration efforts to proceed with greater confidence
Occidental and White Energy to study feasibility of CO2 capture for EOR
The project would capture carbon dioxide at White Energy’s ethanol facilities in
Hereford and Plainview, Texas, and transport it to the Permian Basin for use in
enhanced oil recovery by Occidental


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