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Issue 67 - Jan - Feb 2019

(Feb 01 2019)

Leaders - CCUS in the UK

A Happy New Year for CCUS?
2018 might well be remembered as a real pivot point in the journey towards creating
a truly commercial industry in the UK, say Hazel Robertson and Kirsty Lynch, Pale
Blue Dot
IEA and UK kick-start a ‘new global era’ for CCUS
The International CCUS Summit, co-chaired by Claire Perry, UK Minister of State for
Clean Energy and Growth, and Dr Fatih Birol, the IEA’s Executive Director, signalled
the start of a new era for CCUS
UK plans first CCUS project by mid 2020s with industry collaboration
The UK Government’s Clean Growth Action Plan aims to make UK a global leader in
CCUS and to enable deployment of CCUS at scale during the 2030s subject to costs
coming down sufficiently
UK to develop carbon 'net-zero' hub of heavy industry by 2040
At COP24 climate talks in Poland the UK government has set a world-leading ambition
for the first 'net-zero carbon' cluster by 2040 backed by up to £170 million funding
First UKCCSRC Early Career Researcher Biannual Meeting
The UKCCSRC funded Early Career Researcher 1st Biannual Meeting took place at the
University of Edinburgh on the 6th December bringing together a diverse range of
students with a shared interest in all things CCS. By Jonathan Scafidi
Projects and policy
Bridge to a cleaner energy future
Using CO2 as a commercial commodity instead of treating it as waste should not slip
below the radar. Technologies exist to do this today. By Thomas Weber, Jupiter
Oxygen Corporation USA
Reaching net-zero carbon emissions from harder-to-abate sectors
The Mission Possible report by the Energy Transitions Commission shows that
reaching net-zero carbon emissions from heavy industry by 2050 can be done with
minimal cost to the global economy
The business of carbon emissions: managing and reducing in 2019
Waste gases must be measured accurately as a matter of best business practice for
oil and gas providers to demonstrate their awareness of the need for a global carbon
crackdown and to abide by new legislation. By Alex Keys, Marketing Director, Fluenta
COP24 Side Event: CCS as an enabler for effective climate action globally
Bellona, together with CCSA, the IEAGHG, the International CCS Knowledge Centre,
and the University of Texas hosted an official side event during the COP24 to discuss
how CCS can help Poland and similar countries to decarbonize industry
CATO event - progress for Dutch carbon capture
The Dutch are making big steps with industrial carbon capture and storage, we
learned at a CATO forum in Utrecht, with a new project for the Port of Rotterdam
taking CO2 offshore, another project capturing CO2 from steel, three pilot projects to
gather CO2 from waste plants
Capture and utilisation
Cost of capturing CO2 drops 67% for next gen carbon capture plant
The International CCS Knowledge Centre shows a deep capital cost reductions of 67%
per tonne of captured CO2
Microcapsule technology for post-combustion carbon capture
Researchers have developed microcapsule technology that may make postcombustion
carbon capture cheaper, safer, and more efficient
Transport and storage
ETI report on brine production and its Impact on UK CO2 storage
The report concludes the savings to the UK from deploying brine production as part of
a UK CCS rollout would be at least £2 billion


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