Callide Oxyfuel Project completes with results

Mar 08 2015

The successful collaboration between CO2CRC’s Otway Project in Victoria and the Callide Oxyfuel Project in central Queensland has come to the end of a key stage with the completion of the Queensland project.

The research collaboration between the two projects involved carbon dioxide (CO2) being captured during Callide Oxyfuel trials and transported to the CO2CRC site, where it was subjected to a number of geochemical experiments; experiments that will strengthen knowledge of long term permanent storage. This was the first time in Australia that emissions from an operating power station were captured and stored. 

The Otway Project site is ideal for CO2CRC to work with industry as it is representative of conditions likely to be found in real operations. Other research projects being undertaken at CO2CRC’s Otway Project site include a high resolution monitoring program which will test and validate existing research and models on the movement of CO2 stored 1,400 metres deep underground; and the design and installation of an adsorption and membrane field facility to test and evaluate CO2CRC’s technologies for separation of CO2 during natural gas processing.

CO2CRC’s newly appointed Chairman, Mr Martin Ferguson, AM, said “Queensland’s Callide Oxyfuel project was a world first demonstration in industrial scale carbon capture technology and CO2CRC’s Otway Project is Australia’s first carbon dioxide geological storage demonstration site - together these projects have made a significant contribution to the progression of carbon capture and storage (CCS)." 

“The Callide Oxyfuel project helped create a pathway for the design and construction of larger scale oxy-combustion plants with carbon capture, and the importance of that contribution should not be underestimated. 

“CO2CRC is evaluating the results from the Callide project, and will continue to work with industry to develop CCS as a key technology for large scale emissions reduction.” Mr Ferguson added. 


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