CO2 Solutions receives further Government funding

Nov 24 2015

CO2 Solutions has received an additional CAD$350,000 funding from the Government of Canada.

The funding was received from Natural Resources Canada's ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative for CO2 Solutions current carbon capture demonstration project, which is to test a rotating packed bed ("RPB") technology configuration, with the potential of achieving a further reduction of operating and capital costs. 

The company had previously entered into a collaboration agreement with GasTran Systems ("GTS"), giving CO2 Solutions exclusive use of GTS's rotating packed bed technology for CO2 capture.  Initial joint testing at CO2 Solutions at a scale of 0.5 tonnes per day (tpd) of CO2 captured showed that using the GTS RPB equipment can potentially lead to a 20 fold reduction in the size of capture equipment as compared to a conventional packed tower approach. This would significantly reduce capital costs associated with the application of carbon capture technology, as well as increase the applicability of CO2 capture at many emitter locations where space and footprint considerations are as important as cost, such as power plants and refineries.

The additional funding will go towards testing a larger-scale RPB-based system. The test unit, to be built and assembled in Quebec, will be shipped for testing at a premium independent US based facility for research into carbon capture and other environmental technologies.  Work is intended to determine design and costing parameters for commercial application of the new technology.  Total cost towards completion of the "add-on" project are estimated at $640,000, which would result in a net expense to the Corporation of $290,000. The project will run until March 2016.

"This new technology forms a perfect complement for our existing packed tower process," stated Evan Price, President and CEO of CO2 Solutions. "While we are pursuing commercial opportunities for our existing technology, we believe the new technology down the line will provide a strong value proposition to large-scale emitters as well as allow the Corporation to target sectors where footprint is an important consideration, such as at power and steam plants.  Based on the earlier communicated results from our bench tests, the new RPB technology has the potential of making a significant contribution towards the convergence of the cost of capturing and emitting CO2, positioning us well to enter the potentially very large regulated market."


CO2 Solutions

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