Canada invests $950k in carbon capture facility

Sep 15 2017

The investment in state-of-the-art equipment for the Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute will help the CCCI to develop and scale up capture and conversion technologies as developers move them closer to market.

The new BC Research (BCRI) Technology Commercialization and Innovation Centre is home to the Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute (CCCI) and BCRI who together offer a unique blend of experts, pilot plant, and laboratory space for the development of technologies to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions.

In January 2017 the Province of British Columbia contributed $100,000 from its Innovative Clean Energy Fund to support the purchase of equipment for the facility.

While there are technologies available for capturing carbon in industrial processes, they are cost prohibitive in part because of large energy requirements. Government, industry and academic researchers are working to develop energy-efficient, cost-effective processes for industrial use. For example, the Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute is collaborating with two international organizations which are integrating unique technologies to develop a novel capture system that, if successful, will be less expensive to construct and operate than current processes.

A growing focus in the clean tech development world is conversion – which aims to transform carbon into a variety of commercially valuable products. At the new Technology Commercialization and Development Centre, for instance, researchers are converting biomass material, such as sawdust, into a fuel that could be used as a substitute for diesel. This clean technology will have a positive impact in reducing Canada’s overall carbon emissions and optimizing the use of Canada’s natural resources.

Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute

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