CCS funding cancellation criticised by UK National Audit Office

(Jul 20 2016) A report by the National Audit Office (NAO) says that the cost of meeting UK climate targets could be £30 billion more per year.

BASF and Linde pilot project completes

(Jul 19 2016) BASF and Linde have successfully completed a joint pilot project to improve capture of carbon dioxide from flue gas at a coal fired power plant at the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) in Alabama.

Water sampling technique to monitor underground CO2 storage

(Jul 12 2016) A simple, cost-effective way to monitor CO2 stored underground has been developed by a UK-Australian collaboration.

Policy inertia favouring renewables over CCS means higher emissions

(Jul 11 2016) A recent study published in Nature has confirmed that the 2050 emission reduction target associated with the long-term climate goal of the Paris Agreement requires massive deployment of CCS.

CCS and hydrogen to decarbonise heat

(Jul 11 2016) A UK-wide conversion from natural gas to hydrogen could reduce emissions from the heat sector by 73%.

Mott MacDonald to undertake studies on Caledonia Clean Energy Projec

(Jul 11 2016) Mott MacDonald has been appointed owner’s engineer on behalf of Summit Power Caledonia UK Ltd on the Caledonia Clean Energy Project (CCEP) in Grangemouth, Scotland.

UK Committee on Climate Change strategic approach to CCS

(Jul 07 2016) The UKCCC has written a letter to the Right Honorable Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, outlining a new strategic approach to Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK in the wake of the cancellation of the...

Scottish study of CO2 flow through North Sea geology will help select storage sites

(Jul 07 2016) Scientists at the University of Strathclyde have secured funding for a four-year project to study the ability of complex rock strata beneath the North Sea to trap CO2 securely.

CO2CRC and Canada’s Petroleum Technology Research Centre collaborate

(Jul 05 2016) The two organisations will work to accelerate the uptake of carbon capture and storage technology.

Norway's plans to realise CCS by 2022

(Jul 04 2016) The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has released a feasibility study report on full-scale carbon capture, transport and storage in Norway.

York University's 'greener' method of carbon capture

(Jul 04 2016) Scientists from the University of York have developed a CO2 capture method using synthetic materials called 'starbons'.

ION Engineering to test solvent at Mongstad

(Jun 30 2016) U.S. technology developer ION Engineering (ION) has signed a contract to test its solvent technology at Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM).

The UK Committee on Climate Change progress report

(Jun 30 2016) The UKCCC has released its 2016 progress report - some progress but backward step for CCS.

Lessons learned from cancelled UK CCS competition

(Jun 29 2016) The Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA) has published a report, “Lessons Learned – Lessons and Evidence Derived from UK CCS Programmes, 2008 – 2015”.

Industrial emissions overlooked says Global CCS Institute report

(Jun 28 2016) The Institute has released two new public information reports highlighting the long-term application of CCS technology in a variety of industrial sectors.


Issue 51 - May-June 2016

CCS in Europe: Decarbonization in the Ukraine .. Understanding the long term fate of underground CO2 .. Improving CO2 storage using a hospital scanner UK CCS Research Centre meeting - the future of CCS post Paris .. International team publishes pap.....

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