Ionic liquids for more efficient CO2 capture

(Sep 23 2016) Existing methods to capture CO2 suffer from a series of drawbacks directly affecting their output. Aiming to improve the situation, Dr. Sonia Zulfiqar has been investigating the CO2 absorption capacity of new materials based on a...

Keeping Cool with Carbon Capture Technologies

(Sep 23 2016) Using CO2 scrubbers to clean the air inside buildings could lead to more efficient air conditioning systems finds NETL research.

New carbon capture and storage laboratory opens at Australian University

(Sep 20 2016) CO2CRC Limited and Federation University Australia have officially opened a new CCS laboratory at the University's Gippsland Campus.

EERC and Hitachi improve CO2 storage estimation

(Sep 20 2016) The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) is working with NETL and Hitachi High Technologies America to improve assessment methods for estimating the storage capacity of CO2 in tight shale formations.

ETI report on enabling efficient networks for low carbon energy

(Sep 20 2016) The new report explores the options for reforming the governance and regulatory arrangements needed to enable major changes to, and investment in, UK energy network infrastructures as we move to a low carbon future

Red Trail Energy and EERC study ethanol production with CCS

(Sep 19 2016) North Dakota ethanol producer Red Trail Energy and the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) will study the integration of CCS at a North Dakota ethanol facility to reduce the carbon footprint associated with ethanol production.

Quest project stores 1M tonnes CO2

(Sep 15 2016) The Quest oil sands CCS project in Alberta Canada has captured and stored its first tonne of CO2 ahead of schedule.

Oxburgh plan: immediate action needed on UK CCS to save billions

(Sep 12 2016) The UK Parliamentary Advisory Group on Carbon Capture and Storage says urgent Government action could save £5 billion annually.

US and China ratify Paris climate agreement

(Sep 11 2016) The Global CCS Institute has welcomed the ratification of the Paris Agreement by two of the world’s biggest emitters, America and China, as a major step forward towards cutting greenhouse gas emissions, at the 2016 G20 Hangzou Summit.

CO2 Solutions announces allowance of U.S. patent

(Sep 11 2016) The company has received a notice of allowance for the patent, "Process for Capturing CO2 from a Gas using Carbonic Anhydrase and Potassium Carbonate."

Bubble-like liquid membrane to separate CO2

(Sep 06 2016) Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico (UNM) have created a powerful new way to capture carbon dioxide with a bubble-like membrane or 'Memzyme'.

Southern Company welcomes Chinese researchers to carbon capture coalition

(Sep 04 2016) Southern Company has announced an agreement for Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute to join the Carbon Capture International Test Center Network.

Study of carbon capture materials maximises effectiveness

(Sep 02 2016) A careful balance of the ingredients in carbon-capture materials would maximize the sequestration of greenhouse gases while simplifying the processing of natural gas, according to researchers at Rice University.

The Norwegian national budget is crucial for carbon capture and storage

(Sep 02 2016) Further investment is essential to realise Norway's CCS ambitions.

USGS studies groundwater sampling for CO2 storage

(Sep 01 2016) Scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey and their partners have completed a comparison study of deep-groundwater sampling techniques to provide guidance on the best available methods to accurately reflect the effectiveness of th...


Issue 52 - July - August 2016

CCS in Australia: PICA project to improve CO2 capture efficiency for power and industry; GipNet – Applied research in marine MMV for CarbonNet; University of Queensland looks at rock reactivity CO2 re-use: time to pay attention? Energy Technologies.....

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