B20 and IEA call on the G20 to accelerate clean energy transitions

(Sep 21 2020) The Business 20 and the International Energy Agency called for the rapid deployment of technologies including CCS for a resilient economic recovery.

Report: 'Closing the Gap' - realising a net zero North Sea

(Sep 21 2020) Delivering a tech-enabled integrated net-zero energy future will cost £430 billion but generate more than £2.5 trillion in value to the UK economy, says a report from the Oil & Gas Technology Centre.

Svante selects Kiewit Engineering to develop industrial-scale carbon capture projects

(Sep 21 2020) Svante has selected Kiewit Engineering Group to provide engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for two DOE funded carbon capture projects.

CEMEX and Carbon Clean to develop low-cost carbon capture technology

(Sep 21 2020) CEMEX Ventures and Carbon Clean will aim to develop a carbon capture solution for the cement industry that lies below the line of $30/ton cost of CO2 captured.

CCS and CCU among low-carbon technologies to be developed and tested at scale

(Sep 21 2020) The EU Commission has indicated that carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies will play an important role in ensuring that a 55% reduction in emissions can be met, particularly as a solution for the industrial transition towards net-zero.

Europe could see $35 billion in CCS spending till 2035 most in UK

(Sep 09 2020) As much as 75 million tonnes of CO2 could be captured and stored per year by 2035 a Rystad Energy analysis shows, with the UK contributing almost 80%.

Net zero: how government can meet its climate change target

(Sep 07 2020) Stronger leadership and co-ordination from the prime minister is needed if the UK’s commitment to reach net zero by 2050 is to be credible says a report from the Institute for Government.

Nano structures for capturing CO2

(Sep 06 2020) Scientists at Newcastle University in Australia have used tiny structures found in clay as a ‘template’ to create a new material capable of capturing carbon dioxide emissions or decontaminating water.

U.S. DOE awards $72 million for carbon capture projects

(Sep 02 2020) DOE is awarding $51 million to nine new projects for coal and natural gas power and industrial sources and a total of $21 million to 18 projects for technologies that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding to test world's first marine-based CO2 capture system

(Sep 02 2020) The world's first marine-based demonstration test of CO2 capture is to take place on "K" Line's coal carrier for Tohoku Electric as part of a Japanese Government initiative.

Climeworks, ON Power and Carbfix lay the foundation to scale up CO2 removal

(Sep 02 2020) Climeworks has signed agreements with both Carbfix and ON Power to lay the foundation for a new plant.

Two projects receive funding for technologies that avoid carbon emissions

(Aug 23 2020) Research at MIT into a CO2-free hydrogen production system and CO2 storage in basaltic reservoirs received funding.

CCUS deployment at dispersed UK industrial sites

(Aug 23 2020) An independent report identifying and assessing high-level deployment options for carbon capture, usage and storage technology at dispersed industrial sites in the UK has been published by the Government.

Novel 3D-printed device demonstrates enhanced capture of carbon dioxide emissions

(Aug 23 2020) The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have designed and additively manufactured a first-of-its-kind aluminum device that enhances the capture of carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuel plants and ot...

Wyoming geophysical survey begins next stage in CCS project

(Aug 23 2020) Work toward a commercial-scale geological carbon dioxide storage complex near Gillette will move to the next stage next week with a geophysical survey covering about nine square miles of rural land around the Dry Fork Station power plant.


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