ZEP input to proposed EU Innovation Fund

(Jun 21 2016) The Zero emission Platform has provided input to the new EU-ETS funding proposal.

Covestro opens production plant for plastics made from CO2

(Jun 21 2016) The company has opened a production plant for an innovative foam component made with 20 percent CO2 at its Dormagen site near Cologne

Ancient rocks yield hard facts on safe storage of greenhouse gas

(Jun 21 2016) Natural underground reservoirs of carbon dioxide are giving scientists vital clues how best to store man-made emissions of the greenhouse gas.

Guangdong CO2 project milestone praised in top level US-China talks

(Jun 20 2016) Progress by the Guangdong offshore CO2 project has been highlighted in the latest strategic talks between the US and China as one of two "top achievements" in developing carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

CO2 Capture Project publishes annual report

(Jun 13 2016) The CCP 2015 Annual Report covers the activities of the organization for year one of its fourth phase of activity (CCP4).

CarbFix project demonstrates permanent CO2 storage in rocks

(Jun 12 2016) CarbFix has published a paper in Science that demonstrates that it is possible to permanently store carbon dioxide as minerals in basaltic rock.

Heseltine report supports Teesside Collective

(Jun 08 2016) A report by a UK peer supports the Teesside Collective's CCS objectives.

DOE selects projects demonstrating water production from CO2 storage

(Jun 06 2016) The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has selected two projects that will test emerging enhanced water recovery (EWR) technologies for their potential to produce useable water from carbon dioxide storage sites.

Heriot Watt receives European award for growing smart rocks

(May 26 2016) Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer at Heriot-Watt has received a European Research Council Advanced Award to grow ‘smart rocks’.

ETI insight says costs can be reduced without new capture technology platforms

(May 24 2016) Existing technology and a co-ordinated, co-located series of deployments can cut CCS costs says a report from the UK Energy Technologies Institute.

PTRC and University of Alberta agree collaboration

(May 22 2016) They have agreed to collaborate on CCUS research in Mexico.

Former BP Executive joins Global CO2 Initiative

(May 18 2016) Dr. Issam Dairanieh, the former head of the corporate venture capital team at BP, will lead a new initiative focused on converting carbon emissions into valuable commercial products.

University of Queensland project looks at rock reactivity

(May 16 2016) Scientists are using laboratory and modelling experiments to determine the effect of injecting CO2 into different rocks.

NETL launches a University coalition for fossil energy research

(May 16 2016) The Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has selected Pennsylvania State University as the lead institution to establish the University Coalition for Fossil Energy Research.

Clean coal essential to meet 2 degrees targets

(May 13 2016) The World Coal Association (WCA) has welcomed the publication of a report by the Coal Industry Advisory Board to the International Energy Agency (CIAB) on the role of coal in energy security.


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