Australian industry-led low emissions group

Oct 03 2014

The industry roundtable will look at reducing emissions from fossil fuel use.

Australian Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane has welcomed the formation of the industry-led Low Emissions Technologies for 
Fossil Fuels (LETFF) Leadership Roundtable to focus on reducing carbon emissions from the use of fossil fuels.
“Australia is consolidating its position as an energy superpower, but to make the most of our edge in an increasingly 
competitive global market it’s essential that industry takes a proactive approach to providing the lower emissions 
fuel that will power the emerging energy-hungry markets in our region,” Mr Macfarlane said.
“Energy is one of Australia’s areas of competitive strength and we are well placed to capitalise on our natural 
advantages and enhance them through the use of science, research and technology.
“The Energy Green Paper notes that fossil fuels will continue to play a large role in Australia’s energy generation mix 
for decades to come. Low emissions technologies will provide an effective and sustainable response to reducing 
emissions from fossil fuels.
“The Australian Government supports greater collaboration between industry and research to tackle issues like this 
one, and encourage breakthroughs that benefit our economy and our community.”
The Australian Government has committed more than $300 million to low emissions technology research and 
development including demonstration projects such as the $11.5 million Australia-China Post Combustion Capture 
(PCC) Feasibility Study Project, the largest bilateral project with China funded by the Australian Government.
The Government has made an additional $25 million available from 1 July 2015 for carbon capture and storage (CCS) 
research and development to support the China PCC Project. Activities under this project will be principally based in 
Australia to take advantage of Australia’s expertise on transport and storage. 
“Ultimately industry must take the lead in progressing the next phase of research and development in carbon 
capture and storage. I commend the leadership shown by the Minerals Council of Australia in setting up the 
Roundtable and revitalising Australia’s carbon capture and storage efforts,” Mr Macfarlane said.
“This roundtable is a great forum for a cohesive national focus on using Australian skills, expertise and R&D to lower 
emissions from traditional fuel sources.”
Australia will continue international engagement on CCS and other low emissions technologies through key 
multilateral forums including the long-standing Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum and the Global Carbon 
Capture and Storage Institute.
The Government will work with industry to ensure that Australia will benefit from any international engagement


Department of Industry

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