Cambridge Quantum Computing and Total partner on CCUS

Apr 19 2020

Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) have entered into a multi-year partnership with Total to develop quantum computing solutions for CCUS.

The collaboration will use CQC’s expertise in quantum computing and quantum chemistry, including the use of CQC’s industry-leading quantum chemistry platform ‘EUMEN', to support and help develop Total’s CCUS R&D efforts.

Ilyas Khan, CEO of CQC said, “We are very excited to be working with Total. This is a topic of critical importance for the future of the planet. Total has a proven long-term commitment to CCUS solutions, and we are confident that our work with them will lead to a meaningful contribution towards a cleaner and greener future”.

The announcement caps a period of significant developments for CQC, including investments from IBM and Honeywell; the launch of a quantum technologies cybersecurity platform ‘IronBridge’ at the recent RSA conference, partnerships with organizations like CERN and most recently a groundbreaking experiment that showed the world the first Natural Language Processing implementation on a quantum computer.

Cambridge Quantum Computing

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