CCS projects selected for EU Horizon 2020 funding

Dec 21 2018

The projects awarded the EU funding are expected to develop technologies for capturing, storing and conversion of CO2 and contribute to the transition to clean energy through researching its social aspects, modelling, building education and research capabilities and focusing on coal-intensive regions.

They will receive about €50 million to carry out their work plans after signing grant agreements with INEA, for which they have time until May 2019.

The project areas include:

  • Advanced CO2 capture technologies
  • Conversion of captured CO2
  • Strategic planning for CCUS development
  • Modelling in support to the transition to a Low-Carbon Energy System in Europe

More details about the funded projects will be announced after the grant agreements are signed. The projects are expected to be launched in spring 2019.

All projects were selected under the Competitive Low-Carbon Energy calls for proposals.


Horizon 2020

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