Chiyoda and Toshiba to start carbon capture operations at Mikawa power plant

Nov 03 2020

Toshiba has completed the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) operations at the Mikawa biomass power plant.

Mikawa Power Plant is fueled with palm kernel shells (PKS) as its primary fuel source for biomass energy generation. Therefore, the new facility will be the world’s first bioenergy power plant to be equipped with large-scale Carbon Capture and Storage capabilities and will become carbon negative.

The facility uses a unique fuel gas desulfurization technology (CT-121) as a pretreatment device for the separation and recovery of CO2. It will capture more than 500 tons of CO2 a day, over 50% of daily emissions from the Mikawa Power Plant, making it Japan’s first carbon capture unit to capture over 50% of total CO2 emissions from a thermal power plant.

The technology can be applied not only to new installations but also to existing thermal power plants.

Takao Konishi, Director and Senior Vice President of Power Systems Division at Toshiba ESS commented, “We are honored to start the operation of this large-scale carbon capture facility. Through this project, we will further contribute to global promotion of cleaner energy production through development and deployment of CO2 capture technology, including its application to biomass power plants.”


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