CO2 Capture Project report on role of CCS in the energy transition

Sep 07 2018

The report provides current views and projections for the role of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) in the energy sector and what aspects need to be evaluated for CCS to play a significant role in the energy transition.

The report – Role of CCS in the Energy Transition – addresses four key questions:

• What impetus is created for CCS by the ambition to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris Agreement?

• How is CCS treated in the leading scenarios and analyses related to the transition over time to a low-carbon energy mix?

• To what extent do government plans and policies serve to support the role of CCS in the energy transition (or downplay the role of CCS)?

• What sorts of actions could help CCS achieve its long-term potential to contribute to the energy transition and the Paris Agreement ambition?

One of the main conclusions is that the five leading energy transition scenarios reviewed in the report include CCS and favourably estimate its contribution to reaching a 2-degree world, giving CCS a sizeable role in emissions reductions. More specifically, the contribution of CCS to scenarios that could successfully achieve the Paris Agreement goals range from 10-25% of the total GHG emissions response effort depicted in those scenarios.

Mark Crombie, CCP4 Program Manager and BP’s P&I member, comments: “The report evaluates in detail the current situation regarding the role of CCS in the energy transition. Looking ahead, the report points out that even if nations did not mention CCS in their nationally determined contributions or in a mid-century strategy, they should consider CCS as part of future actions.”

CO2 Capture Project

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