CO2 Solutions partners with Carbicrete in Carbon XPrize competition

Sep 25 2017

This partnership constitutes a third entry for CO2 Solutions in this competition.

On October 17, 2016, the organizers of the competition announced that CO2 Solutions and Carbicrete had been selected to participate in the second round of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPrize. CO2 Solutions has been authorized to partner with other semi-finalists offering a CO2 utilization technology only, and is the only provider of a CO2 capture technology in the Carbon XPrize to have publicly announced such synergistic partnerships.

These combined entries will propose CO2 Solutions’ carbon capture technology with the partner’s CO2 utilization technology. The announced CO2 Solutions–Carbicrete entry is an example of such a combination. CO2 Solutions and Carbicrete would share equally any prize money that may be awarded to this joint entry.
Carbicrete has developed a technology that allows manufacturers to produce cement-free, carbon-negative concrete. Concrete is the world’s most common building material, but the production of its main ingredient, cement, accounts for 5% of global CO2 emissions. For this reason, Carbicrete’s cement-free concrete represents an effective greenhouse gas (“GHG”) mitigation alternative to traditional concrete production.

Carbicrete is a technology company that develops innovative, low-cost building solutions that contribute to the reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions. Carbicrete’s patented technology allows manufactures to produce cement-free carbon-negative concrete with waste and CO2. 

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