CO2CRC: celebrating ten years of CCS research

Jul 01 2013

The Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) is celebrating ten years of achievement and scientific excellence in CCS research and development.

Achievements over the past decade include Australia’s first demonstration of geological carbon storage and the development of a low cost, environmentally friendly capture technology currently being trialled at a pilot plant in Victoria.

CO2CRC has established a network of over 150 expert CCS researchers, robust international collaborations and the CO2CRC Otway Project, a globally significant CO2 storage field laboratory, assets that will be invaluable for the 2015-2020 research program currently being planned.

“CO2CRC has exceeded all expectations, keeping Australian scientists and engineers at the cutting edge of this important new technology” said Dr Richard Aldous, CO2CRC Chief Executive.

“Since 2003 we have engaged with twenty six industry partners, eleven research partners and six government partners, the majority of which are still with us, as well as several Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and a wealth of supporting participants.

“Over the life of the CRC, 174 peer-reviewed journal articles have been published, as well as 167 conference papers, nine books or book chapters and nearly 400 reports.”

“As the climate change challenge becomes ever more urgent, demonstrated by President Obama’s call last week to limit power plant emissions, it is clear Australia needs to secure the option to deploy CCS,” said Dr Aldous. “CO2CRC’s science and engineering expertise, experience and demonstrations will be an important underpinning to the wide-scale use of CCS that will be essential if we are to take the lowest cost pathway to meet our 2050 emission reduction targets.”

CO2CRC formally commenced on 1 July 2003, growing from roots in the Australian Petroleum CRC, and has since proven to be a highly successful example of the Cooperative Research Centre model, in which multidisciplinary teams address end-user driven research.

CO2CRC is a joint venture comprising participants from Australian and global industry, universities and other research bodies from Australia and New Zealand, and Australian Commonwealth, State and international government agencies. Its resources come from the Federal Government Cooperative Research Centres Program, other Federal and State Government programs, CO2CRC participants, and wider industry.


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