CO2CRC welcomes ExxonMobil as its newest member

Dec 02 2019

Esso Australia Pty Ltd has joined CO2CRC. Esso Australia is a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Australia Pty Ltd and ExxonMobil Corporation based in Houston.

Chairman of the ExxonMobil Australia Group of Companies, Nathan Fay, said the company was looking forward to collaborating with CO2CRC through its membership.

“Around the world, ExxonMobil engineers and scientists have researched, developed and applied technologies that could play a role in the widespread deployment of carbon capture and storage for more than 30 years,” said Nathan.

“Globally, we have a working interest in approximately one-fifth of the world’s total carbon capture capacity, and have captured more carbon dioxide than any other company.

“Through collaborating with CO2CRC, our Australian team is looking forward to contributing to this work and exploring technologies and ideas in carbon capture, utilisation and storage,” said Nathan.

ExxonMobil Australia

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