Developments on the ROAD Project

Jul 03 2017

The Dutch Government announced that the ENGIE Group and Uniper Energy will withdraw from the ROAD Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project in Rotterdam.

Commenting on the news, Dr Graeme Sweeney, Chairman of the Zero Emissions Platform, said, “ZEP strongly supports the efforts, led by the Port of Rotterdam, to identify the path to collecting and transporting CO2, which can then be stored in gas fields under the North Sea."

"As highlighted in our 5th annual Market Economics report, CCS is key to decarbonising the heat, energy-intensive industry, gas and refining sectors. The latest developments present a valuable opportunity to unlock the potential of Rotterdam’s industrial zones to become a key CCS cluster."

"The Dutch government has also clearly expressed its continued dedication to CCS deployment. The technology has been identified as key to achieving national climate change targets in the Dutch Energy and Climate Plan. The Netherlands are also already in the process of developing a roadmap designed to identify the path to large-scale CCS deployment."

"The development of the joint SET Plan Implementation Plan, the four CO2 transport projects submitted as Projects of Common Interest (PCI) under the Connecting Europe facility as well as the recent developments in Norway are a testament to the building momentum on CCS."

"It is now crucial for European Member States to express their support for delivering the CCS cluster in Rotterdam, which could play an important role in decarbonizing Europe’s regions, notably the heavilyindustrialized Ruhr area. Similarly, the Commission must also assume a coordinating role and ensure that the ROAD project retains its potential as a stepping stone for enabling industrial decarbonisation in Northwestern Europe."

5th annual Market Economics report

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