Fluor to test its new capture technology at Mongstad

Oct 08 2018

Fluor wants to test a newly developed chemical solvent to separate carbon dioxide from industrial flue gases.

Fluor will use the Amine test plant at TCM, the world´s largest test facility for carbon capture, during the period December 2018 - May 2019.

Norway and the United States have a bilateral cooperation in the energy sector, including carbon capture. TCM is an important part of the venture. Relations between the countries were further strengthened in February when the US Department of Energy (US DoE) awarded USD 33.7 million to four US companies who aim to test their carbon capture technology projects at TCM. 

Carbon capture has become the most important part of the energy collaboration between Norway and the United States. Fluor follows ION Engineering as the second US DoE funded company using TCM in a test campaign. It is positive for us that US authorities support major companies in their desire to test technologies at our facilities, says TCM's business development manager, Bjørn-Erik Haugan.


Technology Centre Mongstad

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