Hacked by Blackhattiger

Mar 01 2017

Hacked by Blackhattiger From the team Bl@ckl33ts

Server B0xed bY Blackhattiger | From the team Bl@CKL33TS

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Hello ADMin I am HEre to tell You that YOur website is TOO insecure | Path It :D Or Else I will Keep oN hACKING


A Message To Indians N00bs=Stop DEfaceing Pakistani's WEbsites YOu Havij and Sqlmap N00bs | Havij KIds Please Take a side :D | You Indian Hackers Are Nothing In Front Of Pakistani Hackers | If you think YOu are enough to Beat us | HUH? MAybe Not In yOur dreams .We Are Enough TO Fu.. Your Cyber BasE AS we did In the 2016 Cyber War BEcause We are yOur FAthers

We Are Bl@ckLeets. Pakistani Hacking Team. We Are Hunter Bajwa, Rj_d3,Touseef Jaskani,Malik_1337,The Aids,Blackhattiger,Xam 3xPloiTeR,Hunter Raaz..

Fuck Indians root@Blackhattiger_l0gout....

Contact Me here :D N00bs


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