Incentivizing Large-Scale CCS in Canada

Nov 03 2020

A White Paper, jointly released by RSM Canada and the International CCS Knowledge Centre, identifies opportunities within the Canadian tax and grant systems to incentivize large-scale CCS technology.

The White Paper shows that the economic impact related to the development of CCS projects is substantial, for example, the construction and development of three CCS projects over four years would generate $2.7 billion in GDP across Canada and support over 6,100 jobs over the construction horizon

The White Paper examines Canada’s climate commitments, its current status in CCS, explores deployment-enabling policy options based on jurisdictional review, and recommends the ideal incentive scenarios for Canada.   

Three policy options recommended within the report, include:

Option 1: A refundable capital tax credit provided in advance of construction of CCS facilities to the company who will be capturing their emissions.

Option 2: A tax credit focused on expenditures during the study and design phase of a CCS project that would allow certainty for investment and offset capital costs of construction.

Option 3: A production tax credit, similar to that of the 45Q CCS incentive in the United States, to address competitiveness issues.

A webinar to discuss the release is scheduled for November 18.

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