LAUNCH project launches with new website

Dec 11 2019

LAUNCH is an international consortium of academic and industry partners co-funded by the European Union’s ERA-NET ACT2 fund to enable the development of novel CO2 capture solvents and support the widespread delivery of carbon capture, utilisation and storage.

LAUNCH is a three-year, EU-funded project aimed at accelerating the implementation of carbon dioxide capture across industry and enabling the development of novel solvents to support widespread deployment of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS). The project began in September 2019 and will run until August 2022.

Building on international collaboration and work already undertaken as part of the ACT 1 ALIGN-CCUS project, a partnership of academic and industry experts from across Europe and the USA has secured funding for six interconnected research work packages, to tackle one of the main barriers to implementation of CCUS: post-combustion CO2 capture solvent degradation.

Solvent degradation is a known drawback of using chemical absorbents as it leads to increased costs due to:

- Solvent replacement

- Liquid waste treatment

- Gas compound treatment

- Increased corrosion

By improving the economics of post-combustion CO2 capture systems, LAUNCH aims to support the growth of a CCUS industry that will facilitate a low-carbon future for Europe’s energy and industrial sectors.

The LAUNCH project will test first, second and third generation solvents and will include at least 10 open-access solvents.


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