Study on using CCS to develop high CO2 gas fields in Malaysia

Mar 29 2020

JOGMEC, JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration and PETRONAS have signed an agreement for a joint study looking at separating, capturing and storing the CO2.

There are a large number of gas fields containing high CO2 concentration in Malaysia which have been discovered but left undeveloped due to technical and economic reasons. Separation, capture and proper storage of CO2 from the produced gas is required to develop such gas fields.

In view of future commercialization, JOGMEC and JX will conduct the study by fully utilizing their knowledge and experiences to explore the feasibility of development of such gas fields.

In the study, CO2 produced from the fields is to be separated, captured and injected into suitable storage reservoirs such as mature and depleted gas reservoirs. JOGMEC intends to establish an environmentally friendly gas development concept by applying CCS technology.

The study also plans to look into the future possibility of exporting hydrogen produced from natural gas to Japan. JX and JOGMEC will work together to seek the possibility of establishing new energy value chains.

JOGMEC considers CO2-EOR as one of its core technologies, and relating technologies such as CCUS including CCS to be the key technology for an environmentally friendly resource development.

"Through this study, we believe that valuable technical knowledge on resource development under low carbon constraints can be accumulated," said the company.

JOGMEC will actively promote oil & gas resource development by Japanese E&P companies, and engage in projects that will tackle the climate change issues. Through its activities, JOGMEC is willing to contribute to the realization of a low carbon and recycling-oriented society.


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