TGS sells seismic data for OGCI Teesside project

Dec 09 2019

The data is to be used to verify the suitability for storage of CO2 in offshore reservoirs located in the Permian Gas Basin in the Southern North Sea.

TGS has completed the sale of one of its multi-client seismic datasets to OGCI Climate Investments’ Net Zero Teesside project.

Net Zero Teesside is an integrated CCUS project backed by OGCI Climate Investments, with direct project support from six of the largest oil and gas companies globally: BP, ENI, Equinor, Occidental Petroleum, Shell and Total. OGCI Climate Investments and its partners are working closely with the UK Government on a supportive policy framework to enable the UK to become a leader and exporter of CCUS technologies globally.

Colin McGill, Net Zero Teesside Project Director, said, “To be able to remove carbon dioxide emissions and store them deep underground – preventing them from being released into the atmosphere – means we need to be 100 percent sure that the reservoir chosen is fit-for-purpose. Our agreement with TGS allows us to carefully analyze the geology of the reservoirs and make the correct decisions that will sustain our CCUS operations for millennia to come.”

Fredrik Amundsen, Executive Vice President, Europe and Russia at TGS, said, “The use of seismic data from TGS in the development of this landmark UK CCUS project is an important initiative for us as it marks the start of what could become a growing business area in the coming years. We recognize the need to actively engage in projects that support the energy transition and working with Net Zero Teesside is a recognition that our data can and will be used in new ways in the future.”

Net Zero Teesside

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