Total joins CO2 Solutions' Valorisation Carbone Québec project

Apr 03 2018

Total has joined the Valorisation Carbone Québec (“VCQ”) Project as its first industrial partner.

The industrial partner category is one of five partnership types in the VCQ Project along with the founding, supplier, utilization technology and end use. Industrial partners make financial contributions to the VCQ budget in exchange for project data. The amount of these contributions is undisclosed for competitive reasons. To date, eleven different organizations have confirmed their participation as partners in one or the other categories of the VCQ Project making it a truly broad effort to address CO2 mitigation through carbon capture and utilization.

The objective of the VCQ Project is to develop and demonstrate commercially viable end-to-end solutions to capture and utilize CO2 in various applications while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

“CO2 Solutions is excited to welcome Total into the VCQ Project,” stated Evan Price, President and Chief Executive Officer of CO2 Solutions. “The strong interest shown by Total confirms the importance and pertinence of the VCQ project to address industry’s desire to reduce their carbon footprint while creating economic opportunities through the full industrial carbon cycle. This is a further example of how the VCQ Project, the world’s most comprehensive and ambitious CO2 capture and utilization project, continues to draw strong and committed partners. We look forward to attracting additional industrial partners to the project in the near future.” 

CO2 Solutions

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