Strathcona to invest up to $2B in Canada oil sands CCS

(Jul 11 2024) The company announced a strategic partnership with Canada Growth Fund (CGF) for the development of CCS infrastructure on oil sands facilities across Saskatchewan and Alberta.

CCSA welcomes ‘Mission Control’ for UK clean power

(Jul 11 2024) The Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA) has welcomed the appointment of Chris Stark to head the Government’s new ‘Mission Control’ team.

An AI aided method for developing eco friendly solvents

(Jul 10 2024) Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists have developed a method using artificial intelligence to accelerate the identification of environmentally friendly solvents for industrial carbon capture.

Northern Endurance Partnership launches public consultation on Humber CO2 pipeline

(Jul 10 2024) The Humber Carbon Capture Pipeline (HCCP) is an important part of the proposed end-to-end carbon dioxide transportation and storage infrastructure network which enables the East Coast Cluster (ECC).

SMART-CDR Competition launched to find MRV solutions

(Jul 10 2024) The Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Mission seeks applications for a first global student prize for innovative monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) solutions for CO2 storage. 

SBM Offshore and Ocean-Power partner on offshore power with CCS

(Jul 10 2024) The companies will collaborate on a floating power generation hub with CO2 capture and storage in the North Sea.

DNV validates Carbon8's CCUS methodology

(Jul 09 2024) Carbon8’s patented technology permanently captures CO2 at source from hard-to-abate industries and DNV has verified that Carbon8’s methodology satisfies the ISO 14064 part 2 standard.

KC8 Capture Technologies raises AUS $10 million to accelerate commercialisation

(Jul 09 2024) The funding round was led by local and global leaders in energy, construction and chemical manufacturing including Woodside Energy, Cemex Ventures, and a major petrochemical company.

Researchers develop ultrafast carbon capture method

(Jul 09 2024) A new way to store carbon captured from the atmosphere developed by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin works much faster than current methods without the harmful chemical accelerants they require.

Simulator to predict the fate of CO2 underground

(Jul 08 2024) Chemistry researchers are expanding a simulator, enabling it to predict what happens when we inject and store carbon in subsurface formations.

Partanna and KAUST to advance ‘superfast’ CO2 absorbing materials

(Jul 07 2024) Materials science company Partanna Global has entered a research and development partnership with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), aimed at accelerating the CO2 removal properties of the company’s paten...

ESG Clean Energy’s patented technology more than doubles CO2 capture rate

(Jul 07 2024) The company’s patented water removal technology enables at least twice as much carbon to be captured per pound of adsorbent, which is an industry-changing outcome.

CCSA welcomes new Labour Government and commits to delivering CCUS clusters

(Jul 05 2024) Labour supported Carbon Capture and Storage in their General Election manifesto and pledged an additional £1bn under their National Wealth Fund.

Why MOF players are becoming carbon capture companies

(Jul 05 2024) Carbon capture is fast emerging as a key application of MOFs, resulting from the high CO2 selectivity, cycling stability, and low energy requirements for regeneration, explains an IDTechEx report.

Intricate mazes can help improve carbon capture efficiency

(Jul 03 2024) Scientists at Bristol University have created the world’s most amazingly difficult maze with future potential to boost carbon capture adsorbent efficiency.


Issue 99 - May - June 2023

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