bp selects BASF’s carbon capture technology for Teesside blue hydrogen

(Feb 22 2024) The companies have signed a licence agreement for the use of BASF’s gas treating technology, OASE® white, to capture carbon dioxide generated during hydrogen production at H2Teesside.

Equinor’s H2H Saltend project given green light

(Feb 21 2024) Equinor’s H2H Saltend is a 600-megawatt low carbon hydrogen production plant with carbon capture, one of the first of its kind and scale to be granted planning permission in the UK.

EU agrees on certification for carbon removals

(Feb 21 2024) The Commission has welcomed political agreement on an EU-wide voluntary certification scheme for carbon removals.

RWE launches feasibility study into new Great Yarmouth Carbon Capture project

(Feb 21 2024) Future Carbon Capture technology at Great Yarmouth Power Station would enable the generation of 400 megawatts of decarbonised electricity by capturing approximately 600,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Global Cement challenges start-ups to help develop carbon capture technology

(Feb 21 2024) The Innovandi Open Challenge 2024, run by the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA), is focused on helping the global cement industry reduce its emissions and ultimately achieve net zero concrete.

Solent Cluster report launched to MPs at Westminster

(Feb 21 2024) The Solent Cluster is aiming to decarbonise the wider region and become a leading centre for low carbon investment.

CGG adds Southeast Asia carbon storage study

(Feb 20 2024) The study ranks and prioritizes opportunities at large scale across 58 basins in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, covering a total surface area of over 6 million km2.

University of Sheffield partners with Drax on CCS research

(Feb 20 2024) Drax has become the latest founder member of the University of Sheffield’s newly-launched Energy Innovation Centre, to further research into new carbon capture technology.

Laser technology detects leaks from underground CO2 storage sites

(Feb 20 2024) Two NETL researchers were awarded a patent for improvements to laser technology that can be used to detect CO2 leaks more efficiently from underground carbon storage sites.

EverLoNG onboard carbon capture shows promising results

(Feb 19 2024) Initial results from the EverLoNG ship-based carbon capture (SBCC) prototype has shown that capture rates of at least up to 85% are achievable.

Net Zero Teesside Power gains development consent from UK Government

(Feb 19 2024) NZT Power, which aims to take a final investment decision in September 2024 or before, could generate up to 860 megawatts of low carbon electricity.

ABS publishes requirements for Liquefied Carbon Dioxide Carriers

(Feb 19 2024) This is the first publication available in the maritime industry dedicated to the design, construction, and classification of LCO2 carriers where liquefied CO2 is carried as cargo.

Seatrium claims first full CCS retrofit for Solvang

(Feb 16 2024) The full-scale retrofit of a 7MW Wärtsilä Carbon Capture & Storage system will be carried out on Solvang’s 21,289 cubic metre ethylene carrier, Clipper Eris.

PGS North Sea data shows carbon storage potential

(Feb 16 2024) Data is now available from the SNS Vision project targeting exploration potential in the mature Southern North Sea gas province.

Aker Solutions awarded FEED for Celsio’s CCS Terminal at the port of Oslo

(Feb 15 2024) Hafslund Oslo Celsio (Celsio) is developing the CO2 terminal for intermediate storage and export to ship at the port of Oslo, Norway.

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