7–9 billion tonnes of CO2 must be sustainably removed per year to hit climate targets

(Jun 07 2024) The 2024 State of Carbon Dioxide Removal report finds that around 7–9 billion tonnes of CO2 per year will need to be removed by mid-century from the atmosphere if the world is to meet the 1.5°C Paris Agreement target.

Cambridge scientists develop charcoal sponge for CO2 capture

(Jun 06 2024) By charging the charcoal ‘sponge’ with ions that form reversible bonds with CO2, the researchers found the charged material could successfully capture CO2 directly from the air.

Energean launches new carbon storage group

(Jun 06 2024) EnEarth will look to create green hubs by identifying and exploring suitable geological structures, including depleted oil & gas fields, that can be suitably repurposed into sustainable and efficient carbon storage fields.

DNV and PETRONAS collaborate on CCS value chains

(Jun 06 2024) The companies have signed a Master Price Agreement for the certification of CO2 storage sites for CCS projects in Malaysia.

Technip Energies and Turner Industries awarded ExxonMobil contract in Louisiana

(Jun 06 2024) Technip Energies will oversee the engineering and procurement while Turner Industries will be responsible for the construction of the Louisiana CCUS project.

Legacy North Sea gas wells to be examined for carbon storage impact

(Jun 05 2024) The relationship between long-term carbon dioxide storage and legacy oil and gas wells in Scotland’s North Sea is to be explored in a new study sponsored by Crown Estate Scotland.

Efficient CO2 conversion to fuels and chemicals using ionic liquid electrolyte

(Jun 04 2024) Researchers at Doshisha University discovered that combining ionic liquids electrolytes with metal hydroxides enables efficient electrochemical conversion of CO2 to hydrocarbons.

Capsol installs third mobile unit at Swedish biomass plant

(Jun 04 2024) A third CapsolGo® a mobile carbon capture demonstration unit has been installed at Växjö Energi AB’s Sandvik biomass plant in Växjö, Sweden.

ERMA FIRST and Babcock collaborate on CCS for LCO2 carriers

(Jun 04 2024) Capital Gas, ERMA FIRST and Babcock will install pioneering CCS system Carbon Fit on board four new liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) carriers.

Climeworks introduces next generation DAC system

(Jun 04 2024) Climeworks said it is future-proofing its technology for scaling globally to gigaton carbon removals by using the latest research and development findings in its filter materials and plant design.

Rystad: EU falling behind Net Zero targets

(Jun 03 2024) The European Union is set to fall far behind its ambitious energy transition targets for renewable energy, clean technology capacity and domestic supply chain investments, according to Rystad Energy research and modelling.

Deep Sky and Sustaera explore project in Canada

(Jun 03 2024) The agreement includes exploring deployment of a Sustaera unit at one of Deep Sky’s future commercial facilities with potential for 1,000 to 5,000 tons of CO2 removal per year.

APAC region advancing in cross-border CCS

(May 30 2024) Asian countries are intensifying their decarbonisation efforts, despite challenges for a number of countries in the region, such as unsuitable geological conditions for CCUS.

FS confirms geological feasibility of BECCS project for ethanol

(May 30 2024) By capturing and storing carbon at its Lucas do Rio Verde plant, Brazil's first corn ethanol industry could also be the first to produce carbon-negative ethanol.

Hanwha and INEOS study a low-carbon ammonia facility in the USA

(May 29 2024) The companies will collaborate on a study for a low-carbon ammonia facility with CCS with a capacity of more than 1 million tonnes per annum.

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Issue 98 - Mar - Apr 2024

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