Nanoparticle catalysts convert carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide to make useful compounds

(May 07 2024) A team from Tsinghua University has developed a catalyst that produces a more concentrated stream of CO from CO2 which is more efficient for onward reactions.

Sugar-based catalyst could offer a potential solution for using captured carbon

(May 07 2024) A new catalyst made from an inexpensive, abundant metal and common table sugar has the power to destroy carbon dioxide gas.

enfinium announces plans to deliver 1.2 million tonnes of carbon removals across the UK

(May 02 2024) enfinium has published a detailed plan to both decarbonise its own operations and deliver carbon removals at scale to help the UK achieve its net zero targets.

DOE invests $23M in CO2-EOR

(May 02 2024) Two projects selected to evaluate the potential of oil and gas production and geologic storage of CO2 from unconventional reservoirs.

UK opens up English Channel for carbon storage

(May 02 2024) The North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) has invited applications for an out of round CO2 storage licence in saline aquifers off the Isle of Wight.

New approach to make reusing captured carbon cheaper

(Apr 29 2024) A team led by Marta Hatzell at Georgia Tech designed a new electrochemical reactor to seamlessly integrate into direct air capture systems and turn CO2 into useful raw materials.

NIST develops new testing method for carbon capture materials

(Apr 27 2024) NIST plans to release an early-stage reference material that the DAC industry can use to test equipment.

Messer launches ZeCarb carbon capture as a service solution

(Apr 25 2024) Messer, the privately owned specialist for industrial, medical and specialty gases, has expanded its product portfolio with ZeCarb, a solution to help to decarbonise industries with high CO2 emissions.

RepAir and Cella launch CCS partnership in Kenya

(Apr 25 2024) Direct Air Capture company RepAir and Cella, a carbon storage technology company, have partnered to launch an innovative CCS venture in Africa.

MOL first in Japan to install CO2 capture on tanker

(Apr 25 2024) Mitsui O.S.K. Lines will equip its LR1 product tanker Nexus Victoria (75,000 DWT class) with the Filtree onboard CO2 capture system.

CCSA, bp, ECITB and CATCH joint report on CCS green jobs

(Apr 23 2024) The report highlights that CCS can play a pivotal role in industrial decarbonisation, particularly in unlocking opportunities in blue hydrogen production and in the safeguarding of existing heavy industries and deliver a signific...

Ocean CO2 capture system receives DOE funding

(Apr 19 2024) University of Rhode Island (URI) received funding from the U.S. Department of Energy in partnership with the University of Kentucky to develop an ocean-faring electrochemical direct ocean capture system for carbon.

Technip Energies selected by Viridor to conduct FEED at Runcorn CCS

(Apr 19 2024) The project aims to capture around 900,000 tonnes of CO2 each year, half of which will be from biogenic sources, effectively removing 450,000 tonnes of CO2 annually from the atmosphere.

IETA publishes global handbook on geostorage and carbon crediting

(Apr 19 2024) At its annual European Climate Summit IETA published its Handbook providing a comprehensive synthesis of methods and safeguards on the crediting of reductions and removals involving geological storage of carbon dioxide.

IETA overview of international reaction to EU's carbon border levy

(Apr 19 2024) IETA has published an overview of the international response to the European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).

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Issue 98 - Mar - Apr 2024

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