Carbon Direct invests €15M in Calix’s LEILAC business

(Sep 15 2021) Carbon Direct Capital Management has invested €15m for a 6.98% equity stake in the LEILAC Group which is developing Calix’s LEILAC CO2 capture technology.

University of Kentucky partners to study gas power CCS

(Sep 14 2021) Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company and the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) have launched a partnership to study capture of CO2 emissions at natural gas combined cycle power plants.

Carbon Clean provides Tata Steel blast furnace carbon capture

(Sep 14 2021) India’s first carbon capture plant for a blast furnace has been successfully designed and commissioned for Tata Steel by Carbon Clean.

FLSmidth joins Carbon Capture collaboration with Chart Industries

(Sep 12 2021) The companies have signed a collaboration agreement to implement carbon capture technology and reduce CO2 emissions from cement production.

Caterpillar acquires CarbonPoint Solutions

(Sep 11 2021) The company has acquired Enhanced Energy Group, Inc. operating as “CarbonPoint Solutions” a U.S.-based carbon capture technology company.

Making methane from CO2: carbon capture grows more affordable

(Sep 04 2021) In their ongoing effort to make carbon capture more affordable, researchers at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have developed a method to convert captured carbon dioxide (CO2) into methane

Twelve and LanzaTech partner on polypropylene from CO2

(Sep 04 2021) The two companies are partnering to develop polypropylene using carbon transformation, an approach that takes into account the global health crisis and climate change.

Texas A&M Energy Institute and AIR TO EARTH partner

(Aug 25 2021) The organisations will develop new materials and methods to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

U.S. DoE awards $24 Million for Direct Air Capture

(Aug 23 2021) The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced $24 million in funding for nine research projects to explore and develop new methods of capturing and storing carbon from the air.

Storegga signs deal for Direct Air Capture with Virgin Atlantic

(Aug 19 2021) Virgin has signed an MoU to become a customer for the company’s proposed large scale UK Direct Air Capture plant.

U.S. DOE awards $6 Million for direct air capture projects

(Aug 19 2021) Four additional research and development projects will receive $6 million to study new structured material systems and/or component designs for direct air capture (DAC) technology.

New material for carbon capture gets funding boost

(Aug 18 2021) Scientists at the Energy Safety Research Institute of Swansea University have received funding from the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre.

NTPC selects Carbon Clean for CO2 capture plant

(Aug 11 2021) Alongside Green Power International, an independent renewable energy developer, the company will design and build a carbon capture plant in India.

Polymer coating accelerates CO2 to fuel conversion

(Aug 09 2021) Researchers from Japan have designed a polymer-coated metal catalyst that accelerates CO2 conversion and offers green energy potential.

How a single catalyst can start turning carbon dioxide into fuel in two ways

(Aug 09 2021) Researchers at Stanford show a single catalyst can perform the first step of turning CO2 into fuel in two very different ways. By Glennda Chui.


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