New Carbon Capture and Storage projects in the EU

(Apr 19 2024)

This webinar on Apr 19 2024 looked at developments with interesting new CO2 storage projects in the European Union, hearing about new projects in Denmark, Bulgaria and Greece - so for the North Sea, Black Sea and the Med.

New capture and storage projects in the US

(Feb 22 2024)

In this webinar we''ll review some of the interesting new carbon capture and storage projects in the US. Projects announced in 2023 include Calpines projects in Texas and California, Project Tundra in North Dakota

CCS opportunities in Eastern Canada

(Oct 04 2023)

Canada is a vast country with plenty of places which could be used for CO2 storage and interesting financial incentives. In this webinar we'll look specifically at Eastern Canada. Can Ontario and Quebec do as much as Alberta and Saskatchewan?

New operational models for European carbon capture in the 2020s

(May 19 2023)

In this webinar, we take a quick look at some new ways of doing carbon capture which may help the industry scale up over the 2020s in Europe.

Business Opportunities in North America CCS

(Apr 18 2023)

Lessons learned about CO2 capture so far, CCUS business models, regulations, tax credits, data from projects

Webinar: Developments with CCS / H2 hubs in North America

(Feb 08 2023)

Setting up carbon capture and storage and hydrogen hubs is a way to get many more companies involved in projects , than you can with a simple point-to-point capture and storage scheme.

Webinar:Commercialising Direct Air Capture

(Sep 22 2022)

If we could remove CO2 from the air inexpensively our concerns about global warming could be over. Are we moving in that direction?

Responsible Investment in Oil & Gas

(Dec 06 2019)

What is Responsible Investing and how should we measure it? These are two of the questions that we hope investors, operators, policy makers and NGOs will challenge and answer during this conference.

Carbon management and the oil and gas industry

(Nov 13 2018)

How can we reduce methane emissions, reduce CO2 from operations, and open the door to CCS?


Issue 98 - Mar - Apr 2024

CCUS in the U.S.: A New U.S. Industrial Backbone - Exploring Regional CCUS Hubs .. National Carbon Capture Center tops 150,000 testing hours .. Baker Hughes’ most interesting tech Morecambe Net Zero set to be one of UK and Europe’s largest CO2 store.....