CCJ Editorial Calendar 2024

Jan/Feb 2024
Leaders: Review of 2023 and outlook for 2024
Leaders: focus on UK projects, policy and research
CO2 shipping and CO2 capture onboard vessels
Solutions for Industrial decarbonisation
Climate change policy after COP28

Copy deadline: December 23

Mar/Apr 2024
Leaders: focus on US projects, policy and research
Special topic: CO2 capture technologies
Developments with non-amine capture
Materials for CO2 capture
Direct Air Capture Technology

Copy deadline: February 16

May/June 2024
Leaders: focus on Canada and South America
Special topic: CO2 monitoring and verification
CO2 capture from air
CO2 shipping
Pipeline safety and reliability

Copy deadline: April 20

July/August 2024
Leaders: focus on Europe, Middle East and Africa
Special topic: CCS in industrial applications
Latest developments with CO2 storage
CCS technical and economic modelling
CO2 capture retrofit

Copy deadline: June 15

Sept/Oct 2024
Leaders: focus on Australia and New Zealand
Special topic: CO2 compression technology review
Improving CO2 capture efficiency
CCS in developing countries
CCS project financing - quantifying risks

Copy deadline: August 17

Nov/Dec 2024
Leaders: focus on Asia
Special topic: CO2 re-use technology
Revenue streams from CO2 use
CCS with hydrogen or syngas production
Bio-energy with CCS (BECCS)

Copy deadline: October 18

Issue 98 - Mar - Apr 2024

CCUS in the U.S.: A New U.S. Industrial Backbone - Exploring Regional CCUS Hubs .. National Carbon Capture Center tops 150,000 testing hours .. Baker Hughes’ most interesting tech Morecambe Net Zero set to be one of UK and Europe’s largest CO2 store.....