CCJ Editorial Calendar 2024

Jan/Feb 2024
Leaders: Review of 2023 and outlook for 2024
Leaders: focus on UK projects, policy and research
CO2 shipping and CO2 capture onboard vessels
Solutions for Industrial decarbonisation
Climate change policy after COP28

Copy deadline: December 23

Mar/Apr 2024
Leaders: focus on US projects, policy and research
Special topic: CO2 capture technologies
Developments with non-amine capture
Materials for CO2 capture
Direct Air Capture Technology

Copy deadline: February 16

May/June 2024
Leaders: focus on Canada and South America
Special topic: CO2 monitoring and verification
CO2 capture from air
CO2 shipping
Pipeline safety and reliability

Copy deadline: April 20

July/August 2024
Leaders: focus on Europe, Middle East and Africa
Special topic: CCS in industrial applications
Latest developments with CO2 storage
CCS technical and economic modelling
CO2 capture retrofit

Copy deadline: June 15

Sept/Oct 2024
Leaders: focus on Australia and New Zealand
Special topic: CO2 compression technology review
Improving CO2 capture efficiency
CCS in developing countries
CCS project financing - quantifying risks

Copy deadline: August 17

Nov/Dec 2024
Leaders: focus on Asia
Special topic: CO2 re-use technology
Revenue streams from CO2 use
CCS with hydrogen or syngas production
Bio-energy with CCS (BECCS)

Copy deadline: October 18

Issue 97 - Jan - Feb 2024

2023 and UK - COP 28 and keeping 1.5 alive .. UK ‘CCUS Vision’ to develop a competitive carbon market .. CCSA London: UK progress and perspectives .. Statera Energy first customer for H2NorthEast Teesside blue hydrogen project Increasing the viabil.....