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Issue 73 - Jan - Feb 2020

(Jan 01 2020)

Leaders - Review of 2019 and CCUS in the UK

Global Status of CCS shows growing momentum but urgent action needed
The Global CCS Institute’s flagship report finds that the deployment of CCS has
continued to gather pace, with the pipeline of CCS projects continuing to grow the
second year in a row, up 37 per cent since 2017
CCSA London forum – CCS ready for investment?
The Carbon Capture and Storage Association held a London forum on November 6
called “Capturing the Clean Growth Opportunities” – showing how UK CCS is on a path
towards investability. By Karl Jeffery
Offshore energy integration key to UK net zero target
Innovative partnering between oil and gas, renewables, hydrogen and carbon capture
can accelerate energy transition says UK Oil and Gas Authority report
Urgent action and investment needed to progress UK CCS
A comprehensive report from OGUK into the changing energy landscape has called for
urgent action to progress low carbon technologies critical to the UK and Scottish
Government’s net zero ambitions
Hydrogen: enabling the UK to reach net-zero emissions
Element Energy has produced four ‘Hy-Impact’ reports for Equinor that outline the
opportunity for hydrogen and CCS in the UK net-zero transition
North Sea technology could play leading role in energy transition
The North Sea has the potential to become a global showcase for the energy
transition as a number of low carbon solutions grow in prominence says a report from
PwC and Oil and Gas UK
A long, hard look underground is required to reach net zero says report
Advances and investment in geothermal energy, carbon capture and storage and
bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) are “critical” to moving the UK
towards its target, according to a new report published in Petroleum Geoscience
Projects and policy
Oil and Gas Climate Initiative launches CCUS Kickstarter Initiative
OGCI has launched a new initiative to unlock large-scale investment in carbon capture,
use and storage
CATO event – big strides in Dutch CCS
The “CATO Meets the Projects 2019” forum in Utrecht on November 26 showed big
strides with CCS in the Netherlands – including an update on Dutch subsidies, an
operating, commercial CCS project on a waste incinerator, and a gas turbine to be
converted to hydrogen. By Karl Jeffery
Capture and utilisation
Effective carbon capture for hydrogen production
Decarbonising natural gas is essential to reach net zero targets. Adrian Finn, Process
Technology Manager, Costain reviews a method that is gaining increasing recognition,
that of reforming natural gas to hydrogen
Additive manufacturing of 3D ceramic structures for CO2 sorption
The 3D-CAPS project focusses on the application of 3D-printing of silica and
hydrotalcites to make improved 3D-structures for the sorption of CO2 from industrial
(off-)gases. By Dr. ir. R. (Robert) de Boer, Senior Scientist Specialist, TNO
Transport and storage
Study shows world has sufficient CO2 storage capacity
The study concludes there is easily enough space in the world’s nearshore continental
margins to meet the IPCC’s goal of storing 6 to 7 gigatons of CO2 a year by 2050


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