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Issue 79 - Jan - Feb 2021

(Jan 04 2021)

Bellona hails ‘victory’ as Norway approves Longship project funding
The Norwegian parliament has formally approved the budget proposal for 2021 which includes
funding for the Longship
CCS capacity sees 33% increase in 2020 says Global CCS Institute report
The total capacity of carbon capture and storage facilities operating and under
development has grown by 33% world-wide over the last year alone
CCUS in the UK – building on the “ten point plan”
The UK CCS industry is buoyed by the government’s “ten point plan” including a
commitment to put £1bn into carbon capture projects and develop four clusters.
Developments were reviewed at the Carbon Capture and Storage Association online
meeting in December. By Karl Jeffery
Building back better – Raising the UK’s climate ambitions for 2035
The UK Climate Change Committee has presented the first ever detailed route map for
a fully decarbonised nation - a world first
UK must accelerate and scale-up net zero action
The Net Zero All-Party Parliamentary Group has launched a powerful report that calls
on the Government to urgently scale-up its decarbonisation plans
New net zero requirement for UK oil and gas industry
A revised Strategy from the Oil & Gas Authority features for the first time an obligation
on the oil and gas industry to support the UK’s net zero target
Southampton researchers’ solution for turning CO2 into plastics
Scientists from the University of Southampton have invented a hybrid catalyst platform
that can efficiently and sustainably convert CO2 into versatile plastic materials
Projects and policy
Compact light-weight CO2 capture technologies for smaller CO2 emitters
There is a significant opportunity for applying CO2 capture technologies to smaller
emitters says a techno-economic investigation from The Catalyst Group Resources
How the US 45Q tax credit is motivating CCS
There are around 30 CCS projects at various stages of development in the US, largely
thanks to the 45Q tax credit. But there are concerns that it is too small to make projects
work financially, or too difficult to work with. By Karl Jeffery
Improving CCS knowledge sharing
Lamberto Eldering, Business Developer Low Carbon Solutions with Equinor, explained
some of the CCS knowledge sharing which has been going on in Europe over the past
decade, and how useful it was
HeidelbergCement to install the world's first full-scale CCS facility in a cement plant
The Brevik full-scale carbon capture and storage facility is the first in the world on a
cement plant and will use Aker Carbon Capture’s technology
Capture and utilisation
New method to make carbon spheres developed
A fast, green and one-step method for producing porous carbon spheres which capture
CO2 has been developed by Swansea University researchers
Novel method of studying glassification in CO2 capture
Studying the process of glassification in post-combustion carbon capture solvents could
inform the development of successful prototypes
Transport and storage
University of Wyoming begins third phase of CarbonSAFE
The Center for Economic Geology Research at the University of Wyoming has officially
launched Phase 3 of the CarbonSAFE project
Carbon dioxide capture solution progressing at the Port of Gothenburg
At the Port of Gothenburg's Energy Port, various locations suitable for building a
future facility for intermediate storage and liquefaction of CO2 are being investigated


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Issue 79 - Jan - Feb 2021

CCUS in the UK: Building on the “ten point plan” .. A net zero UK Oil & Gas industry .. Southampton researchers’ solution for turning carbon emissions into plastics Review of 2020 - the Gorgon project celebrated one Mt of CO2 stored .. How the US 4.....