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Issue 81 - May - June 2021

(May 06 2021)

XPRIZE announces winners
CarbonCure Technologies and CarbonBuilt have won the $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, a prize
that set out to convert CO2 emissions into valuable products.
Leaders - CCUS in Europe
ALIGN-CCUS findings: deep decarbonisation within reach
The international ALIGN-CCUS partnership has unveiled guidelines for accelerating the
transition to a low-carbon economy for Europe's industrial regions
DTU leads large EU project to develop electricity-based CCS
DTU leads international partners in research to enable electrochemical reduction of
carbon emissions in a new Horizon 2020 project
Establishing CO2 enhanced oil recovery in South Eastern Europe
The ECO-BASE project aims to develop revenue streams and business models for CO2-
EOR in South-Eastern Europe therefore supporting large scale CCUS deployment 
New catalyst developed at TU Wien for lower CO2 emissions
Scientists at TU Wien have succeeded in producing a special perovskite that is
excellently suited as a catalyst for converting CO2 into synthetic fuels
Gothenburg region sees potential for significant gains from CCS
The Gothenburg CinfraCap project is now complete and has concluded CCS offers a
cost-effective path to meet climate goals through shared infrastructure
CO2 storage must be recognised in the revised TEN-E Regulation
Bellona Europa has together with Clean Air Task Force put together a campaign to
raise important points and issues on the current proposal from the EC
Projects and policy
Wyoming’s ‘carbon valley’ leading the way on emissions reduction
Setting a goal of net-zero carbon emissions, the state is leading several R&D efforts to
harness/sequester CO2 emissions – including hosting the XPRIZE at the Integrated Test
Center and projects from the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources 
Technologies for Direct Air Capture of CO2
Direct Air Capture (DAC) offers a way to mitigate CO2 emissions already in the
atmosphere. Stephen B. Harrison, sbh4 consulting, reviews some of the companies
developing commercial DAC solutions
Carbon capture in India – our report from a high level webinar
India could be a giant in the CCS world, with large emissions and enormous CO2 storage
potential, and a government keen to meet its Paris targets. But for now, the economics
are far from making it viable. By Karl Jeffery
Clean electrification and hydrogen can deliver net-zero by 2050
The Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) has released two new reports analysing the
feasibility of achieving a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy by 2050
Applying CCS to the UK waste sector
The UK waste sector sees CCS as an essential component to getting to net zero, applying
it to waste incineration plants, we heard at a CCSA webinar. By Karl Jeffery
Capture and utilisation
Redesigning building equipment for carbon capture and beyond
Kashif Nawaz at ORNL is designing a carbon capture platform for incorporation into
existing rooftop heating and air conditioning units
Transport and storage
Wärtsilä highlights potential for marine CO2 scrubbers and transport
Initial findings show that CCS on ships is technically viable and the company has also
secured approval in principle for a cargo containment system for liquid CO2 carriers
Carbfix builds a CO2 Mineral Storage Terminal in Iceland
Industrial emitters in Northern Europe can now store their CO2 in Iceland where it will
be injected into the basaltic bedrock and turned into stone via the Carbfix technology


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