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Issue 84 - Nov - Dec 2021

(Nov 04 2021)

Critical decarbonization technologies need 10x investment says WEF report
Innovative, early-stage technologies like hydrogen-based fuels, carbon capture and bioenergy are
in urgent need of funding to scale globally and help organizations hit zero emission targets says a
World Economic Forum report
Leaders - Global Status 2021 and CCUS in Asia
Global Status of CCS 2021: projects accelerating but vastly more required
The Global CCS Institute's flagship report finds that the CCS project pipeline is growing
more robustly than ever but deployment must be accelerated enormously further
CCUS in China - value and opportunities for deployment
CCUS will be essential for China to achieve its target of carbon neutrality by 2060,
providing up to 2.7Gt of emissions reductions annually by 2050, finds a report from the
Oil and Gas Climate Initiative
RMI report shows path to zero carbon steel in China
The report finds that it is technically and economically feasible for the steel industry to
decarbonize through demand reduction, steel recycling and switching to green routes
IEA report: An Energy Sector Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality in China
The China Roadmap sets out a pathway in which CO2 emissions reach a peak before
2030 and carbon neutrality is achieved before 2060 and shows that the required
investments are well within China’s capacities
Unlocking the potential for CCUS in Vietnam
There is excellent potential for CCUS in Vietnam and the government could play a key
role through subsidies for demonstration projects and regulatory changes to
incentivise the industry. By Stephen B. Harrison and S. Hamidreza Yousefi, sbh4
Projects and policy
Can Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage be profitable?
Max Richards, Energy Transition Services Lead, OPC, outlines the realities of
commercialising CCS from the perspective of an independent operator and provides
some insights from a non-early mover
Energy Efficiency and CO2 Mitigation in the allied industries
The latest techno-economic report from the Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion
(CO2CC) Program looks at Greenhouse Gas reduction technologies and activities in
LEILAC Technology Roadmap to 2050
LEILAC (Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement) is a high potential cost-effective
path to zero and negative carbon emissions lime and cement production
DNV: Zero emissions by 2050 is not enough
DNV’s new report “Pathway to Net Zero Emissions” describes a feasible way to limit
global warming to 1.5°C and CCUS is required
Significant milestone for Net Zero as UK announces first CCUS clusters
The first successful CCUS clusters have been selected that will be taken forward
following the Government’s Cluster Sequencing competition
Climeworks and CarbFix begin operation of Orca
The world’s first and largest direct air capture and storage plant has begun operation in
Iceland capturing 4,000 tons of CO2 per year
Capture and utilisation
ION solvent meets the grade for post-combustion CO2 capture
ION Clean Energy successfully completes six-month CO2 Capture campaign
demonstrating >98% capture rate at industry-leading energy requirements
CO2 reactor makes Martian fuel
Engineers at the University of Cincinnati are developing new ways to convert greenhouse
gases to fuel to address climate change and get astronauts home from Mars
Transport and storage
Sleipner - lessons from 25 years of CO2 storage
Behzad Nobakht, Data Scientist at TÜV SÜD, provides an overview of the first
evaluation of the joint effect of uncertain parameters in CO2 storage at Sleipner


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Issue 84 - Nov - Dec 2021

CCUS in Asia: CCUS in China - value and opportunities for deployment .. Unlocking the potential for CCUS in Vietnam .. RMI report: path to zero carbon steel in China LEILAC Roadmap to 2050 - cost-effective low emission lime and cement .. Can CCUS b.....