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Issue 86 - Mar - Apr 2022

(Mar 01 2022)

Bellona joint call for action on CO2 infrastructure in Europe
The letter calls for a common vision and strategy to realise a CO2 transport and storage
infrastructure that accelerates industrial decarbonisation and structural emission reductions
Leaders - CCUS in the United States
ION Clean Energy’s CO2 capture solvent leads sustainable innovation
ION’s focus is to develop environmentally advantageous solvent technologies that have
a high rate of carbon removal while significantly dropping the cost of CO2 capture
NETL CCS report sees major job growth potential
A buildout of America’s evolving CCS technologies offer noteworthy job growth
potential with no significant supply chain risks
Overcoming a bottleneck in carbon dioxide conversion
MIT study reveals why some attempts to convert the greenhouse gas into fuel have
failed, and offers possible solutions
Artificial leaf captures 100x more CO2
University of Illinois Chicago have built a cost-effective artificial leaf that can capture
CO2 at rates 100 times better than current systems for less power than a lightbulb 
Method to capture 99% of CO2 from air
University of Delaware engineers have demonstrated a way to effectively capture 99%
of CO2 from air using a novel electrochemical system powered by hydrogen
Carbon and Hydrogen Hubs Atlas for US Decarbonization
The Great Plains Institute Atlas identifies areas that offer the capacity to help expand
and accelerate emissions reductions and carbon removal
Engineered bacteria convert captured CO2 into chemicals
Researchers led by Northwestern University and LanzaTech have harnessed bacteria
to break down waste carbon dioxide to make valuable industrial chemicals
Catalyst turns carbon dioxide into gasoline 1,000 times more efficiently
Stanford University engineers are working to turn CO2 into other useful chemicals,
such as propane, butane or other hydrocarbon fuels
Projects and policy
Could UK CCUS constitute a new source of sustained ‘green growth’?
The national and regional economy-wide impacts of introducing CCUS in the UK are
difficult to predict
Open Impact Bonds: pricing and funding a carbon capture breakthrough
If not having efficient CCS costs taxpayers tens of billions in climate damages, then
governments should offer billions to the first private entity producing efficient CCS
Report: time to act as momentum builds for CCUS and hydrogen
This year companies and governments will need to make good on the pledges they made
on energy transition technologies, including CCUS says Wood Mackenzie
ING report: How governments are tempting corporates with CCS
We're still far from a world where CCS alone can steer the world to its stated climate
goals. And it's not without controversy
Decarbonization technology proven at Waste-to-Energy plant
Danish researchers have demonstrated that it is possible to remove most of the
carbon dioxide from the emissions of a waste incinerator
Report details UK’s first large-scale low carbon hydrogen production plant
Vertex Hydrogen has released a report detailing the development of the UK’s first ever
large-scale low carbon hydrogen production plant
Capture and utilisation
Decarbonisation tech instantly converts CO2 to solid carbon
The carbon dioxide utilisation technology from RMIT researchers is designed to be
smoothly integrated into existing industrial processes. By Gosia Kaszubska
IEAGHG reports on DACCS and Negative Emissions Technologies
The studies aims to collate and improve the current knowledge base on costs and
performance of DACCS systems and assess the costs and value of NETs
Transport and storage
Wyoming CarbonSAFE Project team drills second exploratory test well
A team of researchers and partners on the Wyoming CarbonSAFE Project recently began
drilling a second deep test well for site characterization


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